Hans and Amir

5 May

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  1. Brandon May 6, 2011 at 2:33 am #

    So, I get caught watching this by Jake! “Hey, can we do it with me laying on my side and you pushing your long hunk of meat in to me?” “Not today! We’ve all ready fucked more than we should have for one day!” “Aw please! Pretty please!” “Not tonight! MAYBE tomorrow, maybe!” “I just want to have you do me any way I see on here!” “Jake, trust me, we have time and it doesn’t grow old! You’ll be fucking someone long after I’m gone for sure!” He pouts and asks, “Can I at least have a kiss?” “Sure, come here!” That little shit stuffs his tounge clear down my throat and damn near gags me! “Look buddy, your going to end up with another hard on to have to walk home with!” I tell him. He says, “Sorry.” and stares at the floor. “Jake, you all ready know that you should be 18 before we even thought of doing this. That’s 5 years away! So we both need to cool this or we will get caught and I’ll be the one in prison for the rest of my life! I do love you! I certainly am enjoying what we are doing, trust me! But I don’t want you in trouble because I am hopeing we can continue to do this till you’re old enough to say this is what you want to do! We’ve only been fucking for three days and right now, it’s all new to you. To be honest, I’m not sure if you love me or are just ‘in love’ with what we are doing! Let’s not spoil it! OK?” “I got to say somethin,” he says, “I DO love you! I also love what we have been doing, but if that had to stop tomorrow, I would still love you because you DO understand me for what and who I am!” “Fine, I believe you! Do you have a woodie?” as I look at the front of his light tan pants. “Hell, you’ve shot a wad in your shorts haven’t you! I can see the wet stain near your zipper!” He looks down and says, “Aw crap!” “Take your jacket off and carry it in front of you till you get in the house and change in to your PJs. Jacob, you’ve got to learn to control that Happy Dick of yours!” “I better head home. You mad at me?” “Hell no! But get home before you explode!” “I L Y!” he says as he heads out the door. “I L Y too!” I’m not sure how to turn off that gusher of his!

  2. Brandon May 6, 2011 at 5:10 pm #

    Guess who doesn’t feel good again today? Yep, Jake! He comes in the door and wants to watch this video again. So, when it’s done he says, “See how happy these guys are! That’s how I feel when we are doing what ever we do! HAPPY! I want us to do what they just did! I haven’t jacked off yet today so after you fuck me for 25 minutes, then I’ll jack off and shoot a white load! But, when you go to jack off, I want to have your dick in my mouth so I can have it all! Hot and fresh! Oh, can you fuck me for 25 minutes with out cumming?” “Well, my little fuck buddy, I can try!” “So I’ll get the lube, you go and get undressed and in bed and then I’ll be there!”

  3. Brandon May 6, 2011 at 5:13 pm #

    This is Jake! I am so excted! I hope Brandon can hold off from blasting his cum for 25 minutes! That will be a hot and yummy load of cum I bet! Did you notice he called me his fuck buddy! I like that too! Well off to see how great this will feel!

  4. Brandon May 6, 2011 at 7:19 pm #

    Well, he was not only excited, he held his load to the last! So he comes back to the bedroom and I say,”So just like the video?” He says, “Yea, why?” “So your gona suck my dick for 5 minutes first?” “Do we have to do that? I want you in me!” “OK, ‘assume the position’!” There’s that cute bubble butt all aimed in the air and ready for my entry! I put some lube on him and start pushing forward. He rams his ass back and takes the whole thing! “Hey, I won’t last for 20 minutes if your going to do that!” He just giggles and then stays still as I move in and out of his butt! I had to stop, or unload and he says, “What’s wrong?” “Nothing! Trying to make it for 20 minutes,” and the little shit giggles and works his ass muscles till I slap his ass. I am enjoying him again but slowly and delibertly! He’s moaning with every thrust so I ask him, “You OK?” “Oh yea! Keep doing that, oh, oh yea!” SO times about up and I say, “You still want to suck me when we quit?” “Oh yea! I want that hot load!” “Well so do I so let’s 69 and we can both have a hot load to swallow!” “OK! Deal!” About another 2 minutes and I pull out and he squirms around to take my dick in his mouth and I go down on his! Thirty seconds later, we both blast a huge wad and moan and he gives me a second blast and a few seconds later a third! I’ve had to swallow twice and there is still cum runing down his dick! He’s still suckin me like a Hoover but all I got was the one huge load! So I roll over and he spins around and has his arms around me and says,”You OK?” “Mmhumm!” I respond and he gives me the kind of kiss I like! The one that says I love you! All that hip action tells me I got to take a dump. So still with a hard on I tell him I’m going to take a dump. I’m sitting there takin a big crap and he come in, lube in hand, lubes my dick and his ass hole and slides down on my still stiff dick! The first time he hasn’t been facing me when he has taken my shaft and he is having a ball as he rocks up and down on me! “Ya gona cum?” he asks. “Here pretty quick!” And I reach up and pull him all the way down and blast a wad up his ass! “I knew there was more in there than what I sucked out!,” he says. My cum is running down the inside of his leg and he catches it with his hand and licks it off! “Still better fresh from the tap!,” he says. “But I’ll take it any way I can get it from you!” “Hey your still hard! What it again?” “No, not right now! Give me a chance to re-load you little fucker!” “Only takes me a minute!” “Yea! I know! You’re hardly done blasting one load and another is on it’s way out! Have you ever tried to see how many times you can blast a load, one right after another?” “Yea, when I was younger but my dick got raw and started bleeding after 18 so I stopped!”

  5. Brandon May 6, 2011 at 8:05 pm #

    “Holy crap boy! 18 and you stopped because you were raw?” “Yea, thats when I started using a little Vaseliene. I like what you have better! It lasts longer and makes every thing super slick!” “Yea, dry entry or dry jacking off is no fun!” “Hey, that one video where the guy had those things you called dildos, you got any of them?” “Why? Isn’t my dick enough to make you happy?” He’s laughing and says,”Your dick makes me very happy! I’ll slide down on it any time you’ll let me, for as long as you’ll let me! I love you and that whopper you have! Forget I even asked. All I want pushed in to me is that meaty, stiff pole of yours!” and he reaches over and gives it a tug in my undershorts. “So now what we gona do?” “Want to look at some other pictures and videos?” “Sure!” So we go surfin for a while and he sees some things and asks questions or makes comments till one picture comes up and he is staring at the screen with his mouth hanging open! “That’s, that’s Bobby!” His younger brother. I tell him that I doubt that and he says, “Click on it! Click on it! I want to see his dick! Then I’ll know if it’s him!” So when the image comes up it’s like this guy is a stalion! His dick has to be 20 inches long! I ask, “is that him?” “No way! No way! He still has a baby dick! Hardly enough to get a hold of to piss!” and he is laughing so hard he is crying! “I don’t think Bobby will ever have a dick that big! If he does, I’ll be sliding down on that puppy and it would come out of my mouth!” Again he is laughing so hard he falls to the floor and rolls from side to side! I fix us some lunch and suggest that he go and take a nap and he asks, “Can I jack off first? Other wise I’ll cum in my shorts while I’m asleep! Please!” “Yea, but only if I can watch!” “Would you do me? I mean jack me off? I dream about you doing that too and I never asked you to do it. Will you? Please!” “Yea! Sure! Come here!” He laughs, stripps his shorts off and grabs the lube and says, “Where do you want me?” I drop my under shorts, exposing another boner and say, “How about right here!” He is confussed and I say, “You sit on mine while I jack yours! Trust me, you’ll like it!” He’s a bit hesitant but slides on to my pole as I reach around and get a hand full of his mighty dick. Soon he’s yelling, “Oh God! Oh God I’m going to cum!” And the wad from his dick, held tightly in my hand, shoots about five feet away! I go to let go and he holds my hand there as he send forth another wad about the same distance! “Oh shit! I LOVE this!” and another and another shoots out! “Is it because I sittin on your big dick I doing this?” and another wad shoots out! “Could be I guess!” and now I blast my wad up his ass and he turns and gives me another kiss and in doing so shoots yet another blast! “OK fuck buddy, dis mount or your nuts will be the next thing you shoot across the room!” Aw, PLEASE!” “Nope to the bathroom to drain your bubble butt then off to bed for a nap!” “But I was havin fun shooting that far! I’d never done that before! Damn, you know all kinds of neat stuff!” “Off to bed and no creaming on my sheets while you’re a sleep! Reluctantly he slowly goes down the hall, stops and turns and goes to say something and I say, “BED!”

  6. Brandon May 6, 2011 at 10:27 pm #

    Oh, I know I shouldn’t have but when I looked in on Jake he was laying on his back, near he side of the bed, and his pecker was stiff as a board and was just begging to be sucked! I was careful and gentle as I wrapped my lips around that hard thing and began to suck up and down on it! He laid still for a while and then began to thrust up and down as I sucked it. I almost figured he’d blast a wad in his sleep which I was hopeing he would do but then he put his hand on the back of my head and said, “Suck it dry please Brandon!” He increase the speed of his thrusts and then pushed my head down all the way as he shot his wad! I looked up to his smiling face and he said, “Thanks! I needed that! Crawl in bed with me and hold me please! I just want to snuggle with you!” He slid over and had his arms around me before I was laid all the way down! He gave me a sweet kiss and closed his eyes and dozed back to sleep. How neat to have his little body all close to me as he breathed slowly and cuddled! This is when you know what you call your ‘fuck buddy’ really does love you! He slept about another half hour and then woke with a start! “When did you get in bed?” he asked. “Oh about a half an hour ago. Why?” “I think I was dreaming.” “Really?” I said. “Yea. I dreamed you gave me a blow job!” “Oh really? Did you like it?” I asked. “It felt so real! And hell yes I liked it! Oh dear, did I cum on your sheets?” as he sits up and starts looking around. “Naw, you shot your cum in my mouth,” I said as he just stared at me. “Really? You gave me a blow job while I was a sleep and I didn’t wake up?” “Yea! That dick of yours was standing straight up in the air and I started sucking it. You were thrusting up and down then you put your hand on my head and pushed me down when you shot your cum! Then you looked at me and asked me to get in bed and cuddle with you! You gave me a kiss and dozed back off to sleep! You liked it and so did I!” “Well, so it wasn’t a dream then huh?” “Nope, the real thing!” He just laid there naked as a jay bird running this through his mind. He rolled on his side, looking at me and said,”You’re making this shit up aren’t you? You really didn’t suck me while I was a sleep! I would have woke up! I’m almost sure I would have!” “Well, you kinda did but not wide awake.” He says, “I’m wide awake now and I want to suck that monster of yours!” And before I knew it he was! He swung around and was taking more of my pole than he ever had and wasn’t even gaging! He stopped for just a moment and said, “How do you like that?” and shoved his head down even farther! “I like that just fine!” “Tap my head just before you cum!” I wondered what for but let him keep bobing away on me! About a minute later I knew I was going to erupt so I patted him on his head and he burried his face all the way down! I shot, he gagged but didn’t spill a drop and said, “So how was that my fuck buddy? You just gave me one hell of a wad! I almost lost it but still have just a little left if you want some!” He gave me a kiss and shared my wad with me! “OK, Mom’ll be home in about an hour and you need to clean your self up so she don’t smell our cum all over you! Hustle! Hustle!” He jumped from bed and gathered up his clothes and started wipeing his face and body. “So, you really did suck me off while I was asleep eh?” “Yep! I ate the whole thing! Your dicks not hard is it? It would be if I hadn’t done it, right? So yes I gave you head in your sleep!” “You don’t know it but you have done that before! You just weren’t there to enjoy it!” the little fucker says! “All those times you’d let me jerk off here, I dreamed that you were sucking me LONG before you really did!” “Pecker head!” said and closed the bathroom door. I could hear him laughing as he got dressed

  7. Jocko June 16, 2011 at 1:14 pm #

    Dearest Brandon,

    You know that we are very much alike in our tastes for buddies (Jake for you & Budd for me). PLEASE, PLEASE take this kindly, as I am not trying to hurt your feeling. nevertheless I believe you should rethink the length of your comments (personal stories of life with Jake). There’s a lot of nice gay guys on here besides you & me Thanks for reading this from a friend. JOCKO

  8. cyrilino June 26, 2011 at 6:47 pm #

    oh oui que c est bon de se faire enculer bien a fond..et recevoir en bouche ce delicieux nectar…hummmm !!!

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