Teen boy Self Facial

10 May

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  1. Brandon May 10, 2011 at 9:11 pm #

    Damn that was quick and you have a pretty good aim!

  2. Brandon May 11, 2011 at 1:13 am #

    It’s pouring rain! I mean like buckets full and who runs here once he’s home? Jake! He’s dripping wet! “Back to the bathroom and strip!” I say. He smiles from ear to ear and runs to the bath room and is stark naked i less than 30 seconds! “Throw your wet stuff in the washer and we’ll spin them a bit then into the dryer!” “Hi Daddy! Look at me all wet and ready!” “Yea? Ready for what?” “Oh . . lets see. Your big dick!” and he grabs at my pants and starts jacking at me! “First dry your self off then we’ll see what we’re going to do!” “Aw Dad it would be fun wet!” “It might well be but get dried off!” and I leave the room and come to the office and click on the video for him to watch! He comes in the room and I play it for him. “Heck Daddy I could do that I guess! I’ve never tried!” He lays down on the office floor, puts his head against the file cabinet and grabs his hard dick and with in seconds shoots his cum all over his face, chest and neck! He’s laughing and says, “I like that!” and does it again! His aim a little better this time as 90% of his cum goes in his mouth and he swallows and then fires away again and catches 90% of his cum wad again! “Lay down here Daddy, try it! You got to aim careful though!” and the sperm machine does him self again! “Think I’ll pass today Jake!” I say as he does it again! “Oh, oh! Your upset about something! What’s the matter Dad?” as he gets up and grabs a kleenex and cleans up his misses. “Can I sit on your lap while we talk? This must be serious stuff because my dick’s gone soft!” He sits down and wiggles for a minute and says, “This is serious even your dick’s soft! What’s the matter?” “Jake, I’m afraid we’re getting to serious about each other! While we both do love each other, we must cool it just a bit!” “This is about last night and me wanting to come over and snuggle with you isn’t it?” “Well, kinda! my sweet Son, you’re to young to be able to come out and say you’re gay and then be able to stay or ‘sleep’ with a guy all the time! And by ‘sleep’ I mean all of the things that we have been doing!” “But Daddy, I love you and want to be with you!” and now the tears are flowing! “Let me ask you, are you willing to tell Grandpa and Grandma about all of this? Could you tell them that you like to suck my dick? Could you tell them that you like my dick in your butt?” now a lot of tears and he’s shaking! “Do you want Cody, down the street to know that you suck a dick? He’ll have your head in his lap and he’ll shoot a cum load in you that will choke you! He’s gay too if you haven’t noticed!” Now his eyes are bulged out and his mouth hanging open wide! “Son, when you’re 18, then you can make that decision, but not till then! Right now you and I share a lot of things but we aren’t ‘committed’ to each other! You’re learning and I’m teaching but in a month or two you may not want to do any of this ever again!” “Oh Daddy I will! I know I will! I’ll still want your dick in me! One end or the other! Daddy, I know I will! You and these things make me so happy! I have thought for a while that I was gay but you have helped me learn that I really am! And I thank you for helping me know this! Daddy, I love you! Don’t make me quit now! I’m just getting happy and confident so please let’s don’t quit! Please Daddy!” and the tears are flowing hard! “There’s one condition!” “What? I’ll do it! Promice! As long as you and I can be together, I’ll do it!” “OK, here it is! No one, and I mean no one is to find out from you what we do when we close the door and lock it! No one! Not Mom, who by the way has a feeling she knows what we are doing, and as long as she doesn’t have any details about it she’s fine! Not Bobby! Because the first thing he’ll do is drop his pants and jack off in the middle of the street and say Jake showed me how! Certainly not Grandpa or Grandma, or uncle John or aunt what’s her name or their kids! No one at school, like in the locker room where some one else might be playing with their dick or someone elses dick! So you still want us to be able to visit and play aroud, these are the rules!” Now his arms are around me and I am getting a huge kiss! “Daddy, I love you more than anything! No one will hear ANYTHING from me! I want to continue to love and be loved by you! And by the way, what’s this thing sticking up here in your pants? Get it out! I want to go for a ride before my clothes are dry and you make me get dressed!” He goes to the drawer and gets the lube and is lubing his cute bubble butt before I have droped my pants! Once Mr. Happy is out and standing tall, he cheats and slides his wet mouth down on it for a few shakes then faces me and slides his hot little butt down on it and begins his ride! That means after about three slides up and down he cums all over my chest and then holds himself tightly to me as he slides up and down! “Oh Daddy! That feels so good! Think I’ll ride this all night if you don’t mind!” and the little shit does his MAGIC and I erupt with a ball of cum deep in his bowels! “Oh Daddy more please!” as he slides all the way down and does it again! I’m panting as he cokes another cum ball out! “See Daddy! I do love you! Oh God I really love your dick up in me!” He shoots another cum load on my chest and is holding me tightly as he slides his stiff dick up and down! Next time he’s all the way down, I get his cum covered dick in my mouth and I clamp down and suck on it with all I got! I’m rewarded with a mouth full of his sweet cum as he works me again and I give him another cum ball! “Oh Daddy! Oh Daddy! See why I love you!” and another cum load in my mouth as he trys again to get me to cum and I’m all drained out! “Can I still ride for a little longer? If I do I won’t call and ask to come over and cuddle to night! I’ll remember having you up in me and I’ll be fine! Oh, and this is for you!” and I get another blast of his sweet cum! “Save some for me!” and he locks his lips to mine and swirls his tounge around to get his taste of his own cum! “Daddy, when I am 18, will you let me tell every one that we have been together?” “If that’s what you want, sure! Of course you might be in love with Cody by then!” “Dad! I don’t want his puny little dick! I want your BIG dick!” and I get another long kiss as he relazes his ass hole and then slides off of me! “WO! Clean up in asile two! Bring the mop and bucket! Who shot all of that on your chest? Who shot all of this in my butt?” as he runs for the bath room. He’s hardly there when the dryer buzzes and scares him to death! “Son? You OK? Sorry about that!” “Scared the shit out of me! Well no shit but gee a lot of your cum Daddy!” I can hear him finish cleaning up and he take his clothes from the dryer. “Oh yea! Warm underware! Makes my SOFT dick and nuts feel good! Did you hear me Daddy?” “Yes Son! Soft dick and warm nuts! Sounds like supper to me! But NOT today! Another day!” Pretty soon he comes back to the office looking sharp as can be! “What’s that I smell?” “Er ah, I used some of your after shave stuff! Now I’ll smell like you tonight when I call so say good night!” “Did you shave? I haven’t seen any wiskers yet on your face or chin!” “There’s a couple! Here look!” “Boy, you got more hair around your dick than you do on your face and there ain’t much down there YET!” “Daddy!” “I love you Son! I’m sorry to have to put that burden on you about not telling but ” I’m interupted! “Daddy, I’m a big boy now! I’m almost a man! I can handle it! Know why? Because I want to keep enjoying and loving you! No one knows from me how big your dick is or how far in to me you can go! That’s for us! Right?” “Yep! You better get that super dick and warm nuts of yours home since it has quit raining! I love you Son! Talk to you later!” “Love you Daddy! Talk to ya later!” And out the door he goes! Half way home, a stop, a turn, a wave and an “I love you Daddy!” “Love you too Son!” God I love you too Son!

  3. Brandon May 11, 2011 at 5:07 am #

    Early phone call tonight! “Hello” “Daddy? “Yeppers!” “I’m sleepy so I’m going to bed early! I just wanted to tell you I love you! Mom said thanks for drying my clothes!” “No problem! You were soaked to the bone!” “Dad, I didn’t have a ‘bone’ till I was naked!” “I thought you had one almost all the time!” “Usually, only when I think of you anymore!” “Then think about something else! No cum stains on the sheets please!” “Daddy, thanks! I still smell like you! Mom likes it too!” “I love you Son! You sound tired! Get right to sleep! I’ll be waving in the morning! Love you! Now right to sleep!” “Night Daddy! I love you so much!” “Night!” What more could a guy as for than a kid who loves him for what he is!

  4. Brandon May 11, 2011 at 7:00 am #

    Tonight I’m wishing he was here to cuddle with me! What a crazy boy to be with me! I’m going to cuddle up with my pillow to night and dream of him! God, I love you Son!

  5. Jeff May 11, 2011 at 9:09 am #

    hot cock…wish my mouth was on that hose!

  6. Brandon May 11, 2011 at 6:01 pm #

    One hour delay for the start of school for some reason so an early visit from Jake! “Oh Daddy! I got to cum before I go to school! Can I?” “Seeing that stiff dick in your pants I’d say yes!” I grab a small cup like thing I found in the cupboard and hand it to him. “Just squirt it in there!” A puzzled look on his face but he deposits one load in the cup and is working on another! “Oh Daddy! Ooohh, aaahhh! Thanks! I knew I wasn’t going to make it to school in time to do that! What’s with the cup?” I reach for it and he hands it to me and I drink it! “Daddy!” “Yea? Thanks!” “Daddy that’s not fair! I didn’t get any!” I hand him the cup and he cleans it with his tounge! “That’s better! Thanks!” He moves closer to me and puts his arms around me and gives me a sweet kiss! “I love you Daddy!” “Oh you do?” He plants another kiss on me and then says, “I’d better get home! Mom will be ready to leave! Daddy, I love you!” “Have a good day at school! I love you too Son!” “Seee you when I get home! I L Y!” I love you too Son!” He takes off running and stops, turns, waves and says, “I love you Daddy!” “Love you too Son!” A pleasant way to start the morning! A visit, a jack off, a taste of his sweet cum! He also tastes his own cum and then a kiss! What more could a double amputee in a wheel chair wish for? Guess I will wish that the day goes quickly so that he’ll be here again! When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are!

  7. sam April 13, 2014 at 5:43 am #

    what a hot sticky gooey fuckin mess … wish that had been all over MY face instead of his … although it does look hot all over that pretty face :-)))

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