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Trevor & Devin

14 Sep

Both would be ideal candidates to become my friends with benefits. Really nice active fucking. Young boys have such cute swinging nut sacks. 08:29 perfect mouthful.

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14 Sep

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Two twinks

14 Sep

Gorgeous fucking especially the power bottom doing the riding. The bottom is a super pretty bottom boi. Great aggressive/cooperative active action. The top is handsome and hot. At the end? it seems to be a daddy son relationship? They seemed pretty close in age. Daddy seems willing to hook his voracious friend up with other connections. Probably a wise move or he’d wear daddy out! lol.

Young boys first time

14 Sep

Hot twinks start fucking as soon as they reach their hotel room. Very hot action hungry for each other’s body.

Zilv Gudel and Rourke

14 Sep

This is actually a very loving wake up scene. With the gorgeous Rourke, the son, snuggling and cuddling into his daddy, Zilv’s body. Daddy’s hand is very gently possessive of the boy’s ass. But daddy comes into his own when we watch him pumping his lover. Love the fucking action starting about 10:46. And what a cute fuckee package to have in your arms, in your lap and pegged by your cock, around 14:51. they’re very comfortable in afterglow.

this VERY loving scene is by my FAVORITE daddy/son married couple, Zilv Gudel and Rourke. Love the perfect pale body, the eyes and face of the son. The dialog is very loving, too. And the image of riding daddy’s cock? at 10:03? I want a poster of that in my bedroom! Also a real vision of a perfect inviting bottom at 19:16! ENJOY!

More perfect than hot buttered corn on the cob at a county fair! A little salt condiment sprinkled on? Perfect! Now we’ve got the naked (I don’t count the garters and stockings or the cuffs, condiments!) creamy smooth skinned bound twinkie slave. Rourke and his lover/daddy Zilv come up with sexy outfits, scenarios and dialog for their vids. How ridiculous pansy is the whip stick used at 1:47 and even the belt wielded at 7:07 doesn’t turn his butt cheeks pink! lol. the fucking is super.

Rourke! the perfect body perfect skin twink sex slave. Treat him gently with that love paddle (though I would love to see some pink!) I’ve been a good boy! I’ve been a bad boy! Whatever turns you on. .This love matched pair have the cutest stimulating dialogs and scenarios. And when Zilv/daddy comes into the picture? What a perfect stud. And Rourke’s reactions are really cute, too (.kicking his feet at 10:03).

While You Were Sleeping

14 Sep

Brother is the perfect solution for interminable horniness. That’s one trusting brother. Could this be a first time?

Beautiful twink from Mike18

14 Sep

Beautiful twink/son/brat. Super bod, angelic face. A bit wooden scene.

Jack Hunter Fucks Lev Ivankov

14 Sep

Lovey dovey in the woods carries on when they arrive in the vacation cottage. Very loving scene. Every piece of clothing divested reveals more and more beauty. The bottom boi is ultimately spectacular. A lot of loving chemistry between this pair.

Gay porn twink boy casting fuck

14 Sep

Very nice boy and beautiful ass,sluty to fuck!