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A study break

2 Sep

I knew you weren’t studying! lol. I want to study your COCK. And then we can flip flop studying our topping and bottoming techniques. Both boys are super slim and hot and really into each other. Housemate/lovers? studio?

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2 Sep

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Twinks having fun

2 Sep

Verbal foreplay! seduction: I thought you knew how badly I wanted you to fuck me! Really establishes super chemistry. Also love the hot action.

Don’t Tell Mom

2 Sep

Don’t Tell Mom, Part 1.
Great scene. Two older hot stud brothers teach the twinkie younger brother how to top. Fun watching younger brother and his fucking action. All three have great bodies. But to be honest. The youngest brother had the HOTTEST ass ever. And nature is restored when he gets fucked. Nicely filmed. first time scene.

Don’t Tell Mom, Part 2.
elder brother recruits younger brother and youngest brother into a living room sex scene. Hot stud older brothers, super cute twink youngest. Oldest brother directs the fucking. Hot. Looks like they do this all the time. The family that fucks together…

Don’t Tell Mom, Part 3.
younger twink brother joins older brother in a tub bath. the nakedness leads naturally to topping the younger twink. Bottom brother is very comfortable with older brother examining, exploring, and fucking.

Someone is waiting for you at the main door

2 Sep

OMG. the resident beautiful twink appears at the door of his home in the woods, a gorgeous twinkie vision in skivvies. And his lover is waiting for him, similarly attired. Everything afterward is beautiful loving caress and sex. And when it comes to fucking. The visiting boyfriend has his SUV fitted out with a LOVE NEST inside! All that loving is visually overwhelming! This is a reversed CB vid and I think curly top is Sean Ford? Does anyone know the name of the hot dark haired stud?

I swallow all the cum from his big cock

2 Sep

Fucking sweet boy.

Two young men interested in sucking cocks

2 Sep

Yep, Andre was a belami cutie fav. What a beautiful look, face and body. What a great last scene to remember him by. So active. So loving.

Two gay hot horny sexy twinks fuck (with sound/cum)

2 Sep

Super clean cut boys.

Avery Jones & Calvin Banks

2 Sep

INTIMATE passionate scene. Super pairing, very intimate foreplay, sucking and fucking. Super chemistry/encouragement, dialog/reaction to each other. Both very handsome hot young studs. Seems to be a Daddy/Son relationship/scene.