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8 Jan

A slim boy found a guy with a big juicy cock. Super blowjob and anal.

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8 Jan

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The personal trainer

8 Jan

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Kyle. He’s cuter and hotter than ever. I’m a sucker for that long blond forelock. And OMG Luke, the trainer is perfect! not over muscled or overpowering. and he offers the perfect incentive/motivation for Kyle’s participation. when he finally strips at 10:00? Instant cream! Kyle finds an instant fulfillment of his bottom boy dreams. the final post coital vision? two BEAUTIFUL bodies side by side. (no tattoos make for natural beauty). Kyle sure is in bottom boy ecstasy throughout his being fucked. His on-going vocalizations, cries of passion and encouraging moans and “dude”s provide incentive for Luke to hammer Kyle’s ass continually without pausing. Luke is a super wondrous top, sure does have staying power. .and, of course, that perfectly muscled/stacked body.

A boy on the beach

8 Jan

Wow, a fantasy coming true. The “bashful” cute twink Kody admires the god bodied Topher flying on the rings. When Topher spots the twink? he puts him on the rings and sends him swinging and soaring. and…. taking an interest in the boy, they share time, bonding together. And, lo and behold? Kody gets to take Topher home!!!!!!!!! And the first glimpse of bottom boy heaven? starts at 06:11… You get to worship your god and he worships you back. Very loving dialog. You wish it would last forever.

Biggest bare euro group

8 Jan

OMFG a fucking explosion of belami models! Have some fun. Freeze the scene at 00:30 and count the number of studs! Have you ever seen this huge of a cast in a short vid before? Have some more fun! Instead of playing Where’s Waldo? Play instead Where’s Warhol! lol. and anybody else you recognize? And at the end? Jack and Kevin! love them. Appreciate and enjoy! You get the impression that this studio has a certain TYPE? of model they go for?

Lucas Drake interracial

8 Jan

This TOP is so sexy. Such a hot sexy & very handsome…

Horny dad and hot son

8 Jan

Really sensual lovemaking between a daddy and son.

Hot bare ass fucking

8 Jan

Hooray! a Belami style free for all. Lots of beautiful man flesh in fucking motion.

Daddy massage boy

8 Jan

Whoa, this turns into a flip flop MASSAGE? I guess it makes sense when both strip naked at the start. The daddy is pretty well built, but the bottom guy is my favorite in this scene. Rubbing oil on bodies is not really deep massage, but it really starts to get both parties turned on.