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15 Jul

Phenomenal chemistry between the two performers…Can just think how explosive hot thick tasty the younger brothers cum would had tasted.

Let’s Make a Deal

15 Jul

I wanna be your bottom coach? naah, I wanna be the bottom coached!!!! aaargh. how do I decide? lol. Very hot scene. this has been on site, but not sure if it’s still here.

Bareback dad and twink

15 Jul

Yep, a hot scene Austin and his daddy, Alex get to pay double the price for Austin’s transgressions. Thanks for the upload. We should SAVor this while we can. It didn’t stay on site very long, last time.

Hot gay twinks make love

15 Jul

The sex gets hotter and the filming quality gets better when these two hotties move indoors. lol. bottom boy looks like he’s in some strain and pain. despite the tops cock being relatively modest. but he gets off at the end, though. Hot bodies.

Are you jerking?

15 Jul

Nerd got caught jerking by big brother and got INITIATED. Love the reaction as he got his cherry popped. Hot scene POV 22 min mint version.

Twink and brother dream

15 Jul

Yep, he’s the best brother, ever … especially when he offers up his butt for bottoming and providing a home for his brother’s cock. but so is the very cooperative younger brother, too! good friendly family chemistry. Love little brother’s pouty, sucking lips.

Who swallowed My Stash Beer

15 Jul

What a moralistic, prissy younger brother. Once he is revealed as the beer thief? He is definitely setting himself up for a spanking, and as his butt gets pinker and pinker? and the scene gets hotter and hotter, The older brother gets more and more retribution ideas, like getting his dick sucked, and THEN? a hot revenge fuck. This scene definitely would be even hotter if it wasn’t POV and we could see two hot twinks fully. Cute scene.

2 skinny twinks with big’uns

15 Jul

Super cute twinks in a super nice boys bedroom. you can imagine this being an after school scene with mom away for three hours. top boy has a whopper of a cock, long, thick and and curvy.

Gay teen sex on bed

7 Jul

Right at the opening it was a treat watching that hot cock being sucked on the slim hot writhing twink body. Very nice contrast between the dark complexioned bottom boy and the shocking pale pink top. Very hot pairing and the top pounded his cooperative cock hungry partner very thoroughly.