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Assload Twinks Bareback part.3

16 Jun

Clean cut twinks, smooth bods. good action. the bottom got good at cramming his partner’s cock up his riding ass. almost a creampie at the end.

A Twinks Helping Hand part.5

9 Jun

Impossible! A twink that young and in his prime saying: I’m not horny right now. Let me help you! super twinkie bods, and talented mouth. hot fucking, mission accomplished!

Black And White Boys

9 Jun

Pretty well matched, though the top has a bigger cock, the bottom has nothing to be ashamed of. the bottom does a great job preparing his top partner. and the top also does a hot job loving his bottom’s bod, too. nice closeups of the connection.

Two guys have sexy fun

9 Jun

Who is the BEAUTIFUL bottom boy? If I were his fan? he is too wonderfully sexily delicious as a bottom. Lithe curved body, reaching back to kiss Evan.

Two Sweet Gay Friends

9 Jun

A casting call turns into a fantastic sucking scene!. The super stud producer seduces and tempts the newbie to the next level. I want to see the NEXT level, FUCKING.

Two Sweet Gay Friends part.2

9 Jun

Two cutie pie twinks, engaging personalities and smiles. huge bed to fuck on, well prepared with lube. the reveal let’s us see two hot bodies. and hot action and hot scene.

Two Sweet Gay Friends part.3

9 Jun

Love this bedroom scene, push him on the bed and let the hotness begin. Blond bottom is cute and clean cut. The top is Michael delRay, handsome devil. good action and good chemistry. When Michael hears “i’m going to cum!” he quickly takes over finishing his partner off and sucks cum. hot.

Upgrade One 18 Today part.2

9 Jun

Bath house. hookup. little chemistry.

Upgrade One 18 Today part.3

9 Jun

Bath house/tea room? three skinny stud/twinks rather awkwardly hook up.