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Cute twinks cum on bed

14 Jun

The bottom has a sweet asshole and hot cock

Joel as a daddy

12 Jun

Love the Daddy. Wish I could lick and taste that hairy daddy ass and have him fuck me and seed me.

Two boys and dad for fun

12 Jun

I have fun doing alternative interpretations of this scene. Dr. Wolf conducting twinkie couples therapy? Dr. Wolf recruiting Jonathan for his harem of boys? Dr. Wolf helping Jonathan come out? Austin the demonstration bottom boy toy? or @Salvador’s Dr. Wolf’s fantasy. I like the train connection at 24:09.

Daddy and his great boy

12 Jun

Grandpa is in great shape.and hot. The young man is lucky to have a trusted and trusting supportive family member to go to. The loving clinch turns into really hot loving sex. The twink is really sensuous and wanting to express himself and comes out to and bottoms for a very supportive granpa. Great scene.

Hot boy group sex

12 Jun

Instead of punching your pads. The lads in gym decide their cocks punching your mouth and ass hole is the way you can work harder. (Cooperative isn’t he?) All a very hot group of clean skinned euro twinks. Gorgeous blond being gang banged.

Gorgeous twink and daddy

12 Jun

OMFG, Austin all innocent cuddled with his teddy bear! Looking twinkier and more vulnerable than ever. A living jewel in that nest of a bed. A very hot big bodied big dicked daddy to wake up and take care of morning wood. Austin is so verbally responsive to his fucking. And doesn’t his butt look adorable so fuckable at 11:03 and after. And finally, what wouldn’t you give to wank/edge your boy toy to orgasmic conclusion.

I need to be fucked like this

12 Jun

Hot hunk of a brother is sure his twink sibling took and dented his car. Embarks on a unique shower wetting down then fucking punishment/revenge. The cute twinkie brother is whimpering in discomfort from being fucked by his huge brother’s large cock all the way, but is cooperating and by the end, he cums, too. Liked that the scene showed the the hunky, hot big brother. not just the twink POV.

Best cute twinks

12 Jun

Ok – i think this is sort of a cute little scene – the boys do a fine job…

Cute twink & two daddy

12 Jun

Amazing guys