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Big black

15 Oct

Lucky bottom!The twink’s cock and balls are so smooth, just beutiful

First twink love

15 Oct

Very lingering kissing at the beginning. Then slow sensuous foreplay and eventual fucking. The hot bottom is clearly in love and the top is both handsome and gentle and a great top.

Nice twinks rimjob and bareback

15 Oct

For me, a sensuous start for this scene. Styling/brushing your partner’s hair is almost primal/loving going back to grooming being key in establishing relationships. The action stays passionate and sensuous. Good chemistry and interaction between the hot stud/twinks

Jared Shaw & Johannes Lars – Snowballs

15 Oct

Good friends come in from the cold for a warm up cuddle and when the scene gets hot? strip and fuck. hot smooth bodied twinks. good bff style interaction. The ginger bottom is super cute, actually would have liked to see him unshaven because I love red haired pubes. The top is a really toned stud/twink.

Johny Cruz in action

15 Oct

This scene is really enhanced by the effective oiling up of the already hot studs. squirmy.

Hot twinks bareback

15 Oct

Intense sucking fucking between two hot twinks. in an abandoned apartment (still has an oriental rug in it? lol). hot twinks hot sex.

Hot twinks bareback and cum

15 Oct

This soo fucking hot.

Breeding and seeding twink boy

15 Oct

Quite a nice twink/son very obediently serving his hot daddy. BUT he didn’t get to get off himself? turn off for me.

Evans and Wilson

8 Oct

Wow hot both lad very hot horny love fuck