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Boy to Boy Massage

8 May

These boys are the most suckable, fuckable ever!!! Who is the delectable BLOND!? Wouldn’t you just love to be the masseuse who got this beautiful boy on your table to massage and arouse and have sex with? wow. would have loved the third actor to have added a dp into this scene.

Love group sex

4 May

Wow, you know the inner group of friends is who got invited to the afterglow party, relaxing orgy. great math problem. how many ways can six go into six. I think this might be part of h3l1x vid lifeguards summer session? hot group

Hot Fuck Boys

4 May

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this scene on site. IIRC the long haired blond twink is the boss/owner’s son. And this scene for me was the hottest fucking between two glorious twinks ever, still pretty damn hot.

Twink gets a creampie

4 May

Top is Gered Duke. Lol that top couldn’t sound tough at all. Way too lispy. Hilarious but hot, too. Love when the top actually cums inside the bottom. Just the type of guy you want to break into your room one night and give you a really good seeing to…


4 May

This could be a hot scene, but it take forever for the bound twink to show a hint of excitement and hard cock.

Sweet romance…

28 Apr

Hot twinks hot scene. who’s Joey’s partner in this vid?


28 Apr

Love having big hard dick in my mouth!!

Twink Gay

19 Apr

Four twinks in a game room. love it. Ashton Summers, Joey Mills, Cole Claire & Cameron Parks

Street Fuckers

19 Apr

Wouldn’t you like to make a hookup with andy taylor across the street? great sex, watching andy being fucked upright cum a TON straight at the camera? fan-damn-tastic.