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The dancer and the swimmer

2 Jan

The dancer is graceful and elegant. The swimmer is just raw raw sexy HOT!. Beautiful taut well defined musculature. and slowly gently escalating foreplay to intense loving fucking. The boys would also be outstanding in a flip fuck. Helluva pairing.

My sugar daddy fuck me

2 Jan

Half naked (the sexy bottom half at that!) is cuddled up to sugar daddy. The boy is ready and cooperative to please his daddy and bring him off. I like it when daddy allows his son to cum, too. Nice pairing.

Deh come to the window

30 Dec

My absolute favorite twink body type. long lanky skinny clean bodies. And what a fantasy hookup. looking up and seeing the beckoning twink, with his cock inviting also. And vice versa, spotting the super hot window shopper in the street and getting him to meet your eyes and invitation. And the sex in the room? super hot chemistry. and ardent loving from the inciter. Helped tremendously by really good direction and filming and beautiful set.

Gorgeous boys fucking

30 Dec

Exercise buddies get more and more intimate and body contact. Very loving and cooperative. The flip flop cemented their mutually loving relationship. Hot bodied twinks.

Adventure in the haunted house

30 Dec

That’s lucky! to have a fully furnished empty building/residence with open doors and free access for these mischievous twinks to have fun in. Super looking euro twinks. Brad Fitt has the body, action, and personality to be a super star. Love these smooth skinned uncluttered bodies. Love the hugely erect cocks of youth tight against the body all the time. loverly scene, brightly lit filming.

Gabe Isaac, Devin Lewis & Nick Danner

30 Dec

OOOH, Oooh, oooh A boy toy to play with (and he likes to bottom, too!) Your lover/boy friend really comes up with a great anniversary present. Really great twink grouping. all super slim. white, smooth. and clean cut (no tats). The train is hot but I wanted the lovers to dp the gift boy. One very hot cooperative mutual come scene at the end.

I love to watch you are sleeping

10 Dec

I might like to find you sleeping, bottoms up. BUT I won’t be watching you long and you won’t get much more sleep because I can’t help fondling you, kissing you, sucking you, and once I get you revved up? Getting my hungry butt hole FILLED by you. Hot twinks great action. Love the stretchy, sexy, low hanging underwear pouches. Nice song accompaniment.

Boy orgy poolside

4 Dec

Sweet, sexy, gorgeous….they really look like they are enjoying each other and why not.

Latino teen boys in threesome

4 Dec

You can imagine this as three teen boys after school experimenting. Really cute skinny dudes! nobody gets left out. Enjoyable watching.