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17 Apr

In addition to being horny, he knows how to moan the way I like and still enjoys pats.

Joey Mills young twink

17 Apr

Joey Mills is so hot!

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17 Apr

A wonderful video with fabulous and wonderful, white, thick, fat creamy leaves!

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17 Apr

Such delicious boys. I’d like to spend some quality playtime with both of them.

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3 Apr

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3 Apr

Final winter farewell desperation fuck fest for the seniors. This pair of super twinks sure don’t waste any time. Knock, knock, I know who’s there and I got ready for you. fuck now and after graduation decide if you want to stay gay.

Best fuck and rimming

3 Apr

Neat. Hot team mates come to cool off in the apartment. Both notice each other’s tented shorts. And when one admits he’s not wearing underwear and his partner says neither am I…. no need for any further hem hawing around.The reveal shows two really hot jock bodies. And the top is one helluva fucker. The scene is long, leisurely and intense. OMG the pretty boy young man at 10:13 is really begging to be FUCKED. young and flexible.

Challenge Accepted – Pierce Paris & Joey Mills

3 Apr

Impossible! There is not enough lube in the world to let you jump successfully with your tight ass blindly onto a hard erect cock or dildo. If the cock was mine? It to be bent and broken beyond repair. This is sexual pin the tail on the donkey with a very huge cock/pin onto a very small asshole. Fantasy-wise? Joe Mills is an iconic twink to imagine fucking himself on your cock. And at 20:35? Impressed with hole size, but afraid if I stuck my nuts in? the hole would snap shut! and PEANUT BUTTER!

Twinks catch after playing soccer

13 Mar

After soccer practice your buddy needs his inner thigh muscle massaged. and when the hands are active? they’re sooooo close to his crotch. .Very natural progression to cock, to nakedness to riding to fucking. Hot friendly scene.