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My little brother

9 Mar

Pick the right time to come into the room when brother has a full head of steam and waaaay beyond stopping and willing to invite you into sucking/fucking partnership. Good golly, it took the bottom brother an incredibly long time to lose his clothes and especially that backpack! lol. Anybody know the name of the bottom? He’s the star of this vid, for me.

Are you jerking? Brother Crush video

1 Mar

Nerd got caught jerking by big brother and got INITIATED. Love the reaction as he got his cherry popped.

Austin Young and Daddy

1 Mar

OMG Daddy bear Bishop sure knows what he wants to do with his slave boy Austin. And we get to watch along with daddy fucking his slaveboy and watching the cream pie. Very hot master/slave.

Jake Olsen & Alec Loob

1 Mar

Jake and friend eyeball a cute skateboarder at the park. Jake connects with the newbie and brings him back to the apartment for hot sex. This is hot, but would have loved both friends with the newbie in a three some. or a flip flop . sigh, what we get is hot.

Hot schoolboys orgy

1 Mar

Five boys, four bunks. the sex might be a way of figuring which two are going to double up. hot twinks some nice closeups. be sure to see the scene “Twinks cum orgy” in the related vids below (or in the uploader’s list of vids). It seems to be a follow on to this scene with the same group of twinks in even more action.

Horny boys threesome sex

1 Mar

Omg, whoever says long hair can’t be hella hot can go jump off a bridge, that long haired twink is hot as fuck.

Bottom is Johnny Polak – hot twinks fucking

1 Mar

Very beautiful smooth boys and nice fucking.

Hot twink orgy in boys barracks

1 Mar

Such a cute bottom boy makes this video worth watching.

Jake Olsen & Casper Ivarsson

28 Feb

Exotic euro accents/twinks. It’s great when it’s your good friend catching you wanking and looking at porn. Good sex seems to flow naturally. hot scene between two friends with chemistry. hot scene. Uploader (follow link) gives us five scenes featuring Jake.