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Don’t Wake Daddy

12 Sep

Start video 02:00. The son sure looks like he enjoyed trailer daddy’s revenge, at least while it was happening. lol

Hot boys bareback

30 Aug

Oliver Strelly is the hottes Fucker from all. Top is Oliver Strelly (aka Ben Huller), Russian gay porn actor of Georgian origin. He also participated in straight porn.

Young boy for a long time fucking his friend HD

30 Aug

Bottom boi is remarkably passive until he starts riding his partner. Hot and handsome twinks. I prefr the boy with the glasses, he’s so cute, handsome nd horny and has lovely feet.

Gay twinks threesome

30 Aug

So many nice cocks…

The experienced dad does a classic seduction on his young partner.

30 Aug

Distinguished dad got a bit excited in the clinch. And that is more than ok with the son. The son thrived in his daddy’s encouragement and loving . He Really gave his daddy a lot of loving. I love the super cute hot son looking very sexy and desirable bent over the counter starting about 11:00 . I’d like to think this is a first time for the son ..The cream pie made the son forget about his initial hurt. love the scene.

Devin Lewis & Jake Olsen

30 Aug

This was a hot! Very pale bottom with long curved downward cock, and the hot top with the mushroom head. GREAT

Liam Emerson hot fuck

30 Aug

Hot scene. Nicely matched couple… shower scene was hot… The bottom is Liam Emerson. He was one of the bottoms that Gabriel Clark used. Gabriel had a penchant for goodlooking faintly feminine twinks..

Big dick twink threesome with cum

30 Aug

One helluva treat. Andy Taylor comes and spices up the sex life of a loving pair of twinks by being the instigator of their first threesome. despite the labeling, isn’t this a helix scene. Whatever, the twinks are very into each other and the action super hot.

Black brothers sex

30 Aug

Even for a porno production studio it’s amazing how they pulled this off. A set of gay twins I one fucked by one dude, and the other watching…