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You Promised Not To Tell

5 Jul

Dad has a secret fucking relationship with his son! But the son got caught by mom with some sex toys. And dad is incensed!. And gives the boy a reminder of the fucking activities and how hot they are and how important keeping secrets are. Hot daddy. and a pillowy submissive son.

Daddy and twinks fucking hardcore

5 Jul

How is it that it’s always the littlest dude losing! But winning! What a pristine group of very pale white guys (especially the blond). Bottom blondie twink takes dad’s cock like a trouper. Dad at least finishes him off.

Str8 beauty gets his tight little arse opened up wide

5 Jul

Fresh faces, hot smooth clean bodies. make for a hot pairing. Oiling a body made it hotter. the sex is great, good passion and chemistry. But not enough story line to tell which was the straight one. From the title? I guess bottom boy. Hard cocks look really sexy when they show prominently under stretchy bicycle shorts.

Str8 teen Ivan barebacked by lusty Daddy

5 Jul

Very quiet scene. Hot bottom boy is focus of camera’s action.

A family ramrod Halloween

5 Jul

After getting their fill of halloween candy? the scrumptious blondie younger son (what a glorious desirable body revealed at 00:33) gets to sample real treats when sucking/eating the cocks of his family. but Ultimately? he willingly becomes the real treat bottom for his dad and brother. Don’t you want a youngest brother like that?

Twink taking a big dick

5 Jul

Wow. Yes Sir! you want to eat this cutie pie UP! What an innocent face and body. One of the best erotic twink POV vids ever.

Blake Mitchell & Troy Accola

5 Jul

Getting reintroduced to Blake. post Helix. Interesting. This is a very fine sensuous scene between hot twink/studs.

Ben Masters & Nico Leon

5 Jul

Nico is a handsome dark haired, dark complexioned cutie pie stud/twink. charming interview/preview. Ben is a bubbly personality and hot Really hot chemistry and interaction between this really cute pairing of twink/studs. Nico is one really happy bottom.

Flexible twinks

3 Jul

Heckuva cute twink. Young and awkward looking. but nice face and great pale complexion all over his body. And flexible (is he contortionist?? OMG. from any position he can put his best hole forward! lol. Interesting interview. Hot partner who loved eating out his ass. and bottom boi really seems to love the pistoning dick of his top partner.