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Paul and Erick 720

2 Dec

Easy to imagine these two as brothers, or at least very loving room mates. Their extensive kissing hints at their being very loving and familiar with each other as they transition from one fucking position to the next. The slow strip job on their sexy undies/jock straps and the bareback fucking made it even more intimate and really a hot scene.
Revisiting. starting about 5:30 when they start very hotly caressing each other, kissing each other, grinding crotches and bodies together. a super hot and loving start to making love to each other’s bodies.

Bottom lad Sencer Keve

2 Dec

Cute twinks, good chemistry, hot scene!

Lets play twinks

2 Dec

My eyes drawn instantly to the bartenders transparent mesh form fitting scoop neck tshirt. You could be in a wet tshirt contest without getting wet. All hot dudes especially the mophead twink who got to be center of attention and middle of the train. The sandwich studs looked dark and handsome. hot sex.

Play With Dicks

2 Dec

Hot skinny twinks on a couch. seemed awkward, not into each other much.

Hot twinks from twinkbros

25 Nov

Just the sex. Disappointing at the end of the vid.

Eddie & Jimmy

25 Nov

EVERYTHING about the bottom is uber sexy and desirable, his face, his eyes, his expression, his hair, his bod, his butt and the thong from the rear. I loved the scene even though the bottoms dick stayed soft and floppy. I envied the dark haired top model. He got to get his rocks off.

Twink is always hungry for raw cock

25 Nov

I fucking love it! We skinny guys are the best!
part 1

part 2

part 3

Perfect daddycock for a hot boypussy

25 Nov

The best Vid. Dad fuck his Son so wonderfull and lovely without Condom. So hot and horny. Wish al Dad fuck with here Son so loveley and Cum with them


25 Nov

This daddy was ready with what it would take from his son for not telling mom. The son is super hot and the gray haired dad is hot, too. What a fine pairing.

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