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Fantasy Dru and Samuel

11 Aug

Nice scene. two smooth skin/bodied twinks, especially the bottom. loved how they disheveled the bedding all the way down to bare mattress. and the sexy bottom fucked back! loving being fucked. enjoyable hotel room scene.

Jack and Dru

11 Aug

Nice hot pairing, mess cum at the end.

Familiarity Jack and Samuel

11 Aug

Nice pairing. good chemistry. wished both actors would get a chance to cum.

Amico and Ryan

11 Aug

Hot scene, lots of butt pounding sounds! lol. loved the studio shooting this in warm colors. handsome tall slim twinks.

Gold curls

11 Aug

Love the fucking…

Mom I will do the homework at my friend’s house

11 Aug

I also want to go where a friend does homework like that

Jeremiah, Brady & Ryan

11 Aug

Hmmm, imagine smoking while bending over your bottom fucking vigorously. and the burning cigarette tip falls off on your bottom’s ass. eee hah.

A boy catches me after classes

11 Aug

It reminds me when my cousin grabbed me after school as I miss his hard cock.

Have Looked At Photos Carlos and Jacob

27 Jul

How old do you guess this vid is? full bushes on both boys. Enjoyable scene, just enough setup to establish friendship and attraction. bottom enjoys the fucking but didn’t see him cum.