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Hot fuck of newbie

16 Jan

Super hot pairing of twinks making love in what looks like the b0yfun apartment? The twinks are certainly typically beautiful, smooth and soft. I especially love the handsome faced bottom.

Gay porn wouldn’t exist without pizza

16 Jan

The song is HILARIOUS! Porn wouldn’t exist without SAUSAGE pizzas. lol. And delivery boys who deliver a pizza with full service EVERYTHING! Hurrah for GAY PIZZA. Oh, btw the twinkie actors are super cute, well matched, and the delivery boy was very cooperative and acceded quickly to the sex hungry ministrations of his customer/lovers. . Spicy scene!

A Christmas Fantasy

16 Jan

The twinks kind of gang up on Blake. But his maybe 8 inches is not enough to share all at once so they start to work on each other. And with 8 cute twinks in the main room of the cabin/chalet. There is room for a lot of pairs and groupings. that’s life as part of one of the studios. Gimme sum! Camera focuses on various pairs and enjoy the vocalizations and the dialog we overhear.

Five aren’t too much

16 Jan

Super cute pack of twinkie puppies frolicking.The puppy pile starts about 10:21. The rest of the scene is full of writhing, sucking, thrusting and fucking. Don’t even try to keep track of the changing pairings and versatility. Just enjoy!

Boy in blue

16 Jan

Boy in Blue, eh? Certainly eye catching and the short wrap, when tied by the belt? is just short enough to barely cover his beautiful bubble butt. And they found a perfectly matching crotch highlighting bikini brief. This is a really gentle love scene between twink lovers. Impressive cock, wide and long from the top. Super enjoyable if you like gentle fucking between lovers.

So nice fuck

8 Jan

A slim boy found a guy with a big juicy cock. Super blowjob and anal.

Gay Sex Cam

8 Jan

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The personal trainer

8 Jan

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Kyle. He’s cuter and hotter than ever. I’m a sucker for that long blond forelock. And OMG Luke, the trainer is perfect! not over muscled or overpowering. and he offers the perfect incentive/motivation for Kyle’s participation. when he finally strips at 10:00? Instant cream! Kyle finds an instant fulfillment of his bottom boy dreams. the final post coital vision? two BEAUTIFUL bodies side by side. (no tattoos make for natural beauty). Kyle sure is in bottom boy ecstasy throughout his being fucked. His on-going vocalizations, cries of passion and encouraging moans and “dude”s provide incentive for Luke to hammer Kyle’s ass continually without pausing. Luke is a super wondrous top, sure does have staying power. .and, of course, that perfectly muscled/stacked body.

A boy on the beach

8 Jan

Wow, a fantasy coming true. The “bashful” cute twink Kody admires the god bodied Topher flying on the rings. When Topher spots the twink? he puts him on the rings and sends him swinging and soaring. and…. taking an interest in the boy, they share time, bonding together. And, lo and behold? Kody gets to take Topher home!!!!!!!!! And the first glimpse of bottom boy heaven? starts at 06:11… You get to worship your god and he worships you back. Very loving dialog. You wish it would last forever.