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Alex Riley & Andy Taylor

14 Aug

Gentle loving. Showing great friendship/chemistry. They are taking their time. Up to the key question by Andy the super iconic most desirable bottom in the world at 11:00: You wanna fuck me? And it’s all heavenly loving from then on.

Teens pair Barefuck

14 Aug

Dialog a bit hokey. Are you really that bored? Building a fort? hokey! Did you guys suck and fuck in the “old days”? A very complaisant younger brother. Turns into a baby voiced boy toy. And he really gets into playing the role of a hot and horny very submissive bottom boi for his big brother! The scene is hot!

Hot Dylan fucking Joaquin Arenas

14 Aug

Love the glass walled shower stall. If it isn’t steamed up? what a sexy preview of your fucking partner. Both are super hot and super horny and willing for the videographer to stay and film the hot fucking. Camera person did a good job.

Lovely twinks

14 Aug

Really hot interaction between two beautiful twinks. Watching the fucking of the blond bottom boy is a real treat.

Young boy fucks with his daddy

14 Aug

Fuck faster.

Very hard twinks

14 Aug

Jack Harrer and Peter eating Marcel…Light hearted banter at beginning. sets action plan for these three super hottie young studs in their threesome.

Fucked by older bros best friend

14 Aug

What a plumb head at 08:00 and 15:52!!! I want this to be a seduction of older brother’s friend into breaking the younger brother’s cherry! Really hot scene. love the bottom boi.

Fuck me hard boy

14 Aug

There’s Blake naked, all laid out for his partner (and their viewers) to worship, stimulate and love. Then he strips and lays himself down for Blake to fuck.They’re performing for their webcam audience and giving us a great fucking show. Despite their performing for the camera? (Which makes their fucking a bit mechanical and passionless.) they obviously like each other, their fucking action is hot. and so are their bodies. Cooperate to give us at least one cum shot. WHO is blake’s partner?

Peer Pressure – Tyler Hill, Alex Killborn school

28 Jul

Neat! A Helix Academy school guy CONNECTS with a townie. Jerking and Fucking? is a really good alternative to smoking a cigarette. But then you have an irresistible urge to have a smoke afterward! lol. Tyler is hot but Alex is really hot in a bad boy sort of way. Would love to see more of him.