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Paul Delay & Clark Lewis

19 Jul

Room mates should not suppress any sexual secrets/desires from each other. I don’t know if it’s because they’re french or it’s the makeup but both twinks look very exotic. The top dude is my favorite. The union suit PJ’s is a hilarious costume/outfit. love the cooperation/communicatio Love the ending they snuggle together under one comforter.


19 Jul

Older brother and hot friend waylay the vulnerable (they swiped his towels! lol) hot and cute younger brother coming out of the shower. The older pair pressures the boy into bottoming for both of them. The younger brother didn’t get to cum. but he seemed to succumb to at least like the cocks and fucking of the older pair. Rape? or not?

Ratchet that Straight Socket

19 Jul

So the hot customer? turns out to have a very valuable body to offer in trade for all that automobile work.

At 23 eating tremendous cock

19 Jul

Neat! starts with really hard big hot shaved cock being sucked. The reveal shows to hot white skinned jocks. the star of this vid is the super cleancut sucker/bottom boi. I just want be this lucky bottom and get fucked by this big dick and eat his cum…

Dane from CF studios

19 Jul

Rim jobs and fucking through the rear of sexy jock strap is super hot. especially when the stud/twinks are as hot and responsive as this pairing. The bottom boi seems to be heaven. fuck me harder! and getting rabbit fucked. lovely blonds.

Hot pairing, clean cut (no tats) studs. good chemistry and cooperation.

Love this blondie bottom. Hot, beautiful and cock hungry.

Three handsome boys…have sex

19 Jul

Two rivals (blue versus red wrestlers’ bottomless outfits) compete and cooperate in sending the middle twink to the moon. Competition for who gets to suck more. the twinkie bottom is LOVING IT! All three handsome hot twinks are really into each other and really continuously and enthusiastically in hot action. After a while you don’t care who does what to whom. Just glory in three such beautiful enthusiastic boys fucking joyously.

Dad’s monster cock

19 Jul

A most beautiful video.

Young and horny. Teen gay anal sex.

19 Jul

So Fuckin hot!


15 Jul

Phenomenal chemistry between the two performers…Can just think how explosive hot thick tasty the younger brothers cum would had tasted.