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Upgrade One 18 Today part.3

9 Jun

Bath house/tea room? three skinny stud/twinks rather awkwardly hook up.

18 and up Studs Bareback

8 Jun

Pretty hot twinks, started with some chemistry, but then transitioning from fucking to dildoing and wanking to finish off? kind of a copout.

Two boys have great fun

8 Jun

Wow, breaking in a newbie! Tall, loooong legs that don’t quit (You say that of some hot chicks). slim, long haired, cherry cheeks, red lips, anxious smile. very willing and cooperative throughout the process of being made love to by a very smooth hot bodied experienced top. love the action. Amazing scene.

Son and dad are having fun

8 Jun

Just the sex, BUT the daddy bear is exotic and very hot. the son is very innocent looking and complaisant the two bodies are hot together.

Sex meetings in the woods

8 Jun

Yes! gays fuck in the woods! stalking results in the twink getting a great daddy experience. hot lad.

Son and dad on the couch

8 Jun

They like each other. many a smile in the scene. handsome son, hot daddy

Angels and Demons

8 Jun

Actually part 2 of this movie. following a mugger, his mugging victim, he victim’s boy friend and other friends to the ultimate catching of the mugger and his “gang bang punishment” Whatever, the actors are all hot. stud/twinks. and the scenes are gorgeously filmed. don’t know if there’s going to be more.


Sportsman Bareback Fun

8 Jun

Beautiful helix twinks, especially Max Carter. and I agree with them. WAY better than baseball practice. As they shed various parts of their baseball gear and uniform, gorgeous bodies are revealed. The bottom seems ecstatic as he is being fucked.

Young gays doing massage training

8 Jun

Wow, boy. what a pair of naifs! Learn to like being versatile (play games where the loser has to top), use a single dildo on your partner, learn the use of double dildo, 69. and, of course, use Christian as your human therapy/dildo/rentboy. (Or recruit a houseboy/top for whom you can be sugar daddies to his sugar baby) An interesting and hilarious scene. These two boys who like to bottom? they have really cute butts bent over the table. I think Sean got a little the best of it.

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