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Fucking Awesome Boys

29 Nov

Imagine the Higgins studs teamed up with the Bel Ami boys! Hot twinks, hookup for sex instead of movies. Tender sex. Huge cumshots

Horny village twinks

18 Nov

Fucking great

Young Muscled Fucking

18 Nov

01:10 love the intimate shaping of the red and white stripes of the wrestler’s outfit how they are highlighting and fitting the form of the bottom’s buns. So in sex wrestling? when the top double taps? shift from wrestling to foreplay/sex! lol. The hunky stud really deserves body worshiping. Love the hot wrestler’s bodies shown and filmed to great advantage…

Gay Feminene boys fuck

18 Nov

Seems to be a compilation of hot twink sex scenes. first two follow a long haired twink through a casting audition and waiter interview. then a super hot glory hole scene (we’ve seen a longer version on site), finally a hot emo boy scene. four scenes in 45 minutes, hot, enjoyable. light weight

Twinks cum orgy

18 Nov

Apart from a very short asslicking scene, which looked uncomfortable and was possibly stuck in there as an afterthought, there is absolutely nothing at all to distinguish this movie from a thousand others. The boys just went through the motions. But boys are hot and a lot of sperm…

Horny Cute Twink

18 Nov

Really Hot! Real Deep !

Father loves son

18 Nov

One hot dad. Good to see that he keeps his cum in the family.

Father Watches Doctor Fuck His Son

18 Nov

Both interesting and hot. The boy developed a bigger and bigger shit eating grin as the scene progressed. And the doctor administering his dick, showed remarkable stamina and great hip pumping fucking. And golly, did that boy have a hairy pelt on this chest. And the three adults shot a bigger load than the son. This scene could have had dad fucking the attendant or vice versa or even his son. whatever. hot scene.

Dad and the boys

18 Nov

Hot cute nerdy son and hotter friend exercise together. Dad comes in and admires friend’s jock strap and cock. The dad guides his son into caressing and servicing the friend’s body. and then the son and his daddy bottom for his best friend. The son eventually shot off but at the beginning he needs to be taught much more effective wanking technique (not just shaking his dick, lol). A good time is had by all. This is a rare full scene from fam***dick studio.