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Young gays doing massage training

8 Jun

Wow, boy. what a pair of naifs! Learn to like being versatile (play games where the loser has to top), use a single dildo on your partner, learn the use of double dildo, 69. and, of course, use Christian as your human therapy/dildo/rentboy. (Or recruit a houseboy/top for whom you can be sugar daddies to his sugar baby) An interesting and hilarious scene. These two boys who like to bottom? they have really cute butts bent over the table. I think Sean got a little the best of it.

Two friends meet

7 Jun

Neat interview with newbie noah. Evan warms him up and continues to initiate him in helix studio (gorgeous bedroom set). Hot and cute twinks, enthusiastic scene. noah seems to enjoy the bottoming.

A Twinks Helping Hand

7 Jun

Aww, he got a head start, the cock was already hard. One of the most awesome powerful feelings is to suck your partner’s limp soft cock into a raging hard on. Blond is sexy, both twinks are hot. they looked good fucking together.

Two friends have horny sex Bareback

7 Jun

Joey gets to demonstrate that he can take his friend’s cock both deep throat (as seen on his video) and deep in his hot ass. And Joey is one hot little fucker. His friend is a worthwhile twink/stud fucker.

After School Antics 04

7 Jun

Two schoolboys after school, hot twinks nice fucking action!

Gay sex on the couch 02

7 Jun

Super cute twinks, heavily and lovingly involved with each other on the couch, especially the rimming. Love the brunette, pouty lips and face. Both have great bodies. And love the buildup to the cum shots.

Two recruits gay sex

7 Jun

Hot boys

Academy X2 Bareback 02

7 Jun

Two schoolboys coming into the office find a het porn mag. but use it to inspire mutual wanking and fucking. joined by a third student. No outrage just inclusion. hot clean cut twinks. good action. I guess they shave pubes at this academy?

Sexdate after football Bareback part 3

6 Jun

That’s hot when you know who you’re negotiating with has a weakness for sexy boys and sexy negotiating tactics, and this player definitely has a lot to negotiate with. hot smooth lanky player and handsome bottom twink/stud.