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28 Jul

Logan Cross, the bright eyed, short fucker? is actually the power bottom/star/master of this scene. He is the insatiable, cooperative, available hot bottom for the two tall dudes. Always worshiping/sucking, and loving cock, especially when he’s being fucked.

Erick and Henrique

3 Jul

Lucky for him to sit on this thick cock!

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23 Jun

All three have delicious cocks. That guy a lucky bitch to be fucked that gentle two black dicks.

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23 Jun

Porn within porn. Super Cute Blondie Twink customer gets to fuck with hot plumber. I could get addicted to Daniel.

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20 Jun

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18 May

Very nice intense fucking between two hot twinks. too bad they didn’t make more use of the the leather harness.

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18 May

Lily white twinks, super sexy. When your brother is already bent over the hallway table? I guess you never need to move to a bedroom. Super hot scene.

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18 May

Gorgeous! I love the double anal. Feels good being stretched wide open by two cocks.

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18 May

That top could make me moan anytime. Austin is such a cutie pie teeny assed twink, he always looks like he’s in pain when anybody fucks him. BUT he’s usually bottom in all of his hot vids, so you know he LOVES it! another hot scene where Austin almost looks like he’s being fucked for the first time, cooperating with his partner.