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Handsome boys bareback

26 Feb

Two really matched college age twinks. Both with hot bods, smooth and shaved and pale skinned. Great intimate filming on white sheets and pillows. They like fucking and being fucked. Close up intimate shots of cocks, beautiful butts and holes and fucking. Nice interview, playing with toys, rimming and flip flop. very satisfying.

Big cock twinks bareback

19 Feb

Just the sex, but bodacious twinks, good action, well filmed. This studio presents a great number of fine twinks.

Horny team mate bareback

19 Feb

Fringe benefits of being the last two team mates out of the locker/dressing room, hot athletic studs, nice tight boypussy, so sweet… nicely filmed.

Sleepy Movie Night

29 Jan

OMG this is the ultimate iconic cutest son in the world. does anybody know the name of this actor? he also plays elder xanders in the mormon series. the scene is a father’s wet dream, to have your son in his pjs snuggle up to you watching a movie and then falling asleep in your lap with his drawers open. I would only have wanted to see the son get his rocks off, too. hot scene.

Gay 016 – full video

29 Jan

Do the hats make them vaqueros? Blondie makes a good loving considerate top. And the bottom is hot and enjoying every second. cum shot in slow mo. hot outdoor scene.

Two teen guys in love and sex

26 Jan

Skinny fuckers, aren’t they. Hot to watch.

Brunette twinks anal sex and cumshot

26 Jan

Love the scene, love the blond, love the quilt!, love love love hot hot hot. Both are hot but that brunette is perfect.

Creampie twinks

16 Jan

Love the scene, the stud/twink is hot, the twink pair is cuter still… and the three way action is HOT!

Young prostitute receives Bareback

30 Dec

OMG, Kyler is coming aboard sucking a lollipop ring. Never done anything like this? well you can make yourself believe this if you want. It will make the scene that much hotter to watch. not that Kyler (young face, shaved pubes and all) isn’t super hot to watch anyhow. He’d probably be voted among the top 5 boy toys you’d want to fuck.

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