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Daddies & Teen

18 Oct

Hot Daddy with fat Cock. This Boy need many Daddycocks in his asshole. Wish i can fuckhim too and fill his Ass with my semen…
part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

Dad and Son are the best Team. They fuck so loveley and hot.

10 Oct

Perfectly sweet, seductive bottom boy perfectly fucked by his hard-driving daddy!

Blacks On Boys – Hole Hunter & Andy

10 Oct

A hugely sexy video, mainly because of the sheer beauty & sexiness of the bottom, (what a face & ass) but his line that he had never had a cock in his hole before was hilarious! I`ve lost count of how many dicks I`ve seen in Andy Taylor`s hole!!

First anniversary

16 Sep

The twink/son gift giver, instead of offering chocolates to eat, offers to eat cock and a whole lot more. the daddy and son make a nice pairing. long may their partnership last.

Two guys, one teen

16 Sep

Love that ass fucking and dick sucking – he’s one sexy twink.

Tender daddy-twink love scene

12 Sep

Schoolboy Fantasies 3 – Sam Truitt, Tony Salerno…Would luv to be keeping Tony Salerno the hot btm daddy well rimmed and fucked. I like his sweetness, genuineness and what a great kisser.

Dad & Boys Argentinos

17 Aug

Part 1 Dad & Boys Argentinos
Nice dad enjoying… suck My dick, Daddy!

Part 2 Dad & Boys Argentinos

Part 3 Dad & Boys Argentinos

Dale Cooper

29 Jul

These guys loved each other. The kid sucked the guy’s cum load. Honest, Natural, and fucking hot. Footnote: The guy’s cock was big, but, not THAT big

Fuck perfect

3 Jul

These two guys are utterly amazing! Great chemistry and deep sex!

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