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Son and dad are having fun

8 Jun

Just the sex, BUT the daddy bear is exotic and very hot. the son is very innocent looking and complaisant the two bodies are hot together.

Son and dad on the couch

8 Jun

They like each other. many a smile in the scene. handsome son, hot daddy

FamilyDick – Hot Teen Takes Giant Daddy Cock

18 May

Nice story line. handsome son snuggles under daddy’s arm, totally trusting, totally willing to have daddy fully explore his body. Just a preview but a great scene up to the cutoff. looks like Alex Killian is going to serve as loving daddy in another daddy/son series from this studio.

Fuck me daddy, please!

8 May

This is part of a longer vid on this site called wake up sleepyhead. Alex Killian lovingly wakes up son Austin Lock. (to find the longer vid enter” “gay wake up suck cock” But this is a super hot daddy son interaction. Fucking your complaisant son through the drop down flap of his long johns? sexy. would love to see the son over the top also.

Boss & Twink

8 May

OMG. iconic stud, Ty. and super fuckable twink, Matthew. What a setup when you’re the customer and the messenger boy says: “I’m begging you” you know you can go all the way. The twink bottom didn’t seem that much of a loser either. he got a super hot top to give him great sex and fucked the cum out of him. hot.

Young Perps

5 Apr

Hot twink perp. this time the mall officer is somewhat hot. the scene has no sexiness to it.

Daddy And Boy – Gay Sex Australia

5 Apr

A beautiful boy – I want to make love to him and taste him and eat his cum!!! sigh, no sound, BUT the son is a perfect boy toy body. hot daddy loving cooperative son This is the fullest version of this vid as of this date.

Dad seduces straight teen son Thanksgiving raw sex

5 Apr

Sigh, no money shots. but the selected son is delicious. wonder if the second son would be involved.

Aaron Cage and Steven Prior

26 Feb

Love the lad’s briefs, fucking sexy, daddies’ boxers are hot too. The sock wank is so fucking hot and rare.

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