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Daddy and twink hot sex

28 Jul

First daddy loosens up your tight calf muscles and foot. Then proceeds to inflame! Stiffens up your cock for sexy action exercise. Hot chemistry and action between the two. Love the closeup of the swinging nutsacks starting around 14:30. And bottom/son sprawled out at 22:36 is one beautiful twink/stud.

Daddy and twinks fucking hardcore

5 Jul

How is it that it’s always the littlest dude losing! But winning! What a pristine group of very pale white guys (especially the blond). Bottom blondie twink takes dad’s cock like a trouper. Dad at least finishes him off.

Austin Wolf and Avery Jones

23 Jun

Wow, Avery seems such a baby/son next to Austin, super hot hunky/daddy. Avery has tiny tight beautiful pale body, gorgeous face and ruby red lips. And Austin really takes his love making fucking time. Avery wanting to be a submissive sensual bottom? He’s perfect. They are very delightfully vocal.

Mas & Joselito

23 May

The cute boy is a pure latino marvel.

Gay twink cums

14 May

Damn Lucky Kid / Damn Hot Missionary Finale! Wish i know this daddy! I’d be riding his dick 24/7 !

Daddy has a BIG dick!

14 May

That guys a lucky bitch to be fucked that gentle… Pairing of hot stars Rocco Steele and Aron Aurora? Rocco’s cock is almost as big around as Aaron’s whole body. Gentle but intense scene up to the point it cuts short of the money shots.

Young boy sucks his daddy and gets fucked

28 Apr

Beautiful little blonde boy.

Young boy sucks his daddy & enjoys cum.
Ohhh boy, come to me and suck me my dick too! I wanna be with you all the night…

Sugar Daddy

3 Apr

I think this is a funsize scene Dr. Wolf and jay in wolf’s bedroom. usually second in the subseries. the physical pairing is super, and Jay is a really nice hottie older twink. The scene shows us a lot of physical love.

Daddy Fucked Me Raw

13 Mar

What lovely cocks they both have I’d love to suck both of them off.