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Young Perps

5 Apr

Hot twink perp. this time the mall officer is somewhat hot. the scene has no sexiness to it.

Daddy And Boy – Gay Sex Australia

5 Apr

A beautiful boy – I want to make love to him and taste him and eat his cum!!! sigh, no sound, BUT the son is a perfect boy toy body. hot daddy loving cooperative son This is the fullest version of this vid as of this date.

Dad seduces straight teen son Thanksgiving raw sex

5 Apr

Sigh, no money shots. but the selected son is delicious. wonder if the second son would be involved.

Aaron Cage and Steven Prior

26 Feb

Love the lad’s briefs, fucking sexy, daddies’ boxers are hot too. The sock wank is so fucking hot and rare.

Black on Twink

26 Feb

Hot pink hole. Top should have licked and sucked it out before fucking it! Lucky teen boy!

Mirror: Ass Professor fucking Tim Skyler

Aaron Aurora and Janusz Gol

7 Feb

The top is handsome and elegant. But the twink is incredibly desirable. Cute innocent face, Pale skinny lightly muscled body, almost covered by the studs handspan. Slim hips and butt and tight hole. The boy toy from heaven.

Austin Lock hot lad nice

29 Jan

Love the family series with dad/ son stories. That son is perfect! but please recast the dad…such a bore and hard to look at.

Tiny boy takes cum facial from hot older dad

29 Jan

Singularly unsexy scene, even when cutie Austin Lock is in it.

Sleepy Movie Night

29 Jan

OMG this is the ultimate iconic cutest son in the world. does anybody know the name of this actor? he also plays elder xanders in the mormon series. the scene is a father’s wet dream, to have your son in his pjs snuggle up to you watching a movie and then falling asleep in your lap with his drawers open. I would only have wanted to see the son get his rocks off, too. hot scene.

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