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Fucking Austin

7 Feb

If’n y’all like watching hot gorgeous cutie Austin Lock getting fucked? this is the compilation for you. Some of the segments, I’ve not seen on site. First scene two daddies fuck their boy toy (I think one is Alex Killian and the other LeGrand Wolf). I don’t recognize the daddy in the third scene? Anyone? And the other three scenes are either Alex or Wolf. All hot scenes.

Show Me Your Tats – Brad Rockwell & Alex Jordan

16 Jan

So the daddy/son connection on the bed (because of the baseball caps, it might be the twink’s bedroom). starts with tattoo comparison. then gets a LOT more intimate. The son’s tattoo looks like a macabre Cleveland Indians logo. LOL. This young man is very interested in his daddy friend. And the reveal starting 14:22 shows a super deluscious booty, smooth clean cut body and really friendly face. I’m in LUST and in love. Daddy is a gentle lover/fucker. Very rare from this studio.

Horny dad and hot son

8 Jan

Really sensual lovemaking between a daddy and son.

Father Fucks Son

2 Jan

That was beautiful…

My sugar daddy fuck me

2 Jan

Half naked (the sexy bottom half at that!) is cuddled up to sugar daddy. The boy is ready and cooperative to please his daddy and bring him off. I like it when daddy allows his son to cum, too. Nice pairing.

Daddy & Boy

2 Jan

Daddy Zilv Gudel and his gorgeous son, Rourke. Doesn’t he look super pale juicy and fuckable? Next time they could get stockings without holes and runs? lol

Daddy and twinks party

4 Dec

Fuck them ALL! Collect the SET! lol. Serious Serial Enjoyment!

Daddy vs twinks in group sex

4 Dec

New studio heard from in this boy for sale series. Potentially very hot.

Dad and Cousin

7 Nov

Dad and older brother take care of Austin, who makes a very willing (hot and desirable) bottom boy.