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23 Jul

Really scrumptious hot twinks. Hot sex on the bed. Bottom boi is a real cutie pie.

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23 Jul

The jock strap made the bottom boy look hotter as he was being fucked. but I’m glad he finally divested and was able to show us a cumshot. Oh boy, the mop head top boi was a relentlessly active fucking machine. made bottom boi moan and groan. really hot twinks, great pairing.

Soccerboys in Love

23 Jun

What a fucken hot pair. They look so good together.

Great way to pass the time

20 Jun

Complice friends having fun, enjoying their time and nices bodies , sex seems to be an achievement of their deep complicity, an enjoybale vid.

Hot gay teen twinks couple

18 May

Very nice intense fucking between two hot twinks. too bad they didn’t make more use of the the leather harness.

Kevin Warhol does his thing with this gay

18 May

OMG, Andy is a clone of Kevin. Same tousle hair, same face type, same body type. Seem like same cute personality. Hot passionate fucking. Watching the two of them couple and fuck? just like brothers. The lighthearted behavior? Those two guys were FANTASTIC! There was such youthful beauty; gorgeous little asses with that youthful fuzzy growth and inviting holes makes me very hard. Their fucking was very passionate almost believable loving-making. GREAT FLICK! I would like to see Kevin in a bottom position…

Coach fucked a guy

28 Apr

Coach shaves his student’s pubes preparing him for competition and you know when the coach gets naked for the procedure he’s preparing his boy for fucking. This scene almost begs for dialog. Very cute willing student. Super hot bear of a coach. Loved the suspended fucking. Hot teacher/coach student/athlete scene.

Threesome good boys

3 Apr

Very hot and sexy ! Nice cocks!

Joel Birkin Peter Ernaud

22 Mar

I just realized how handsome Joel’s face is in sleeping repose. And OMG wouldn’t you as his bedmate want to take advantage of that HUGE morning wood? Good cooperation/chemistry between this pair. I don’t think I could get much sleep sleeping naked with Joel and my being naked (read: ready to fuck) myself. lol. Really nice well matched pairing. Beautiful bedroom setting. and hot belami filming.