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Gorgeous belami boys!

21 Apr

Light hearted horseplay in pool (wonderful side window for filming cocks and sucking underwater) and in the shower. Great chemistry between the two. Can you imagine what having the every horny Kevin would be like as a room mate?

Lost and found

21 Apr

Spectacular view of the city and the sea. spectacular views of hot models. Who would have thunk it, Czechs find each other in Columbia? The bright light made for excellent filming. especially the intimate connection starting 13:30. Love the swinging hangars starting 16:08. And wonder of wonders, the top/coach taking his partner’s ass cherry? was indeed gentle, yet very passionate. And I know it’s make up, but the rosy cheeked bottom is very appealing.

Cute boy sex

6 Apr

Losing to Thomas Fiaty is not such a bad thing, eh? It’s a hard floor to get started with, but has minimal throw rugs for cushioning. Thomas is one hot stud/twink and a when he flip flops with you? everything turns out super enjoyable. Love the euro twink scene. with super hot tall slim waisted clean bodied fuckers.

Kevin Warhol & Pip Caulfield

1 Mar

The gorgeous Kevin Wirhol is tricked and seduced by his model friend into being alone and participating in a hot hot hot fucking.

Village boys bareback outdoor

27 Feb

Straight proposition, immediately accepted. two hot friends fuck in the back yard.

Threesome between nice czech twinks

15 Feb

Hot doggie style. Alex Whale, Beno Eker and Navon Raffi.
video pleer 1

video pleer 2

Helmut & Hoyt

5 Feb

Gorgeous models, super sex great chemistry and action, fun bubbly personalities, hot setting, great camera work. This looks like a belami class production. Is this an offshoot of this studio freshmen!

The battle to the top

5 Feb

When your sexy hot studly friend promises you something like you getting laid? you wanna COLLECT! especially if you want to get warmer faster. These two are beautiful together. And the friend seems to love being one hot juicy pillowy bottom. And the scene gets more and more passionate and urgent as the fucking goes on! lovely.

Belami twinks threesome

5 Feb

Hot stud/twinks. Hot scene, but doesn’t have the feel of Belami.