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Vadim & Stepan

17 Dec

Great buildup to making love, loved the foreplay, loved their slim twink bods, cute bedroom eyes and hairstyles, really gentle love scene, the bottom twink although passive was dreamy, full body fuck/melding was the hottest part.

Alesha & Gleb

15 Dec

Fuck, hot guys, i wanna bottom for this top too.

Hot emo gay

15 Dec

Ben Huller always fucking a sweet little boy ass!!

Oliver Strelly fuck young boy

15 Dec

It looks to me like that beautiful young bottom has already been broken in because it looks like he is really enjoying the hard pounding that Oliver is giving him! Great vid!

Gay White Anal Whore

15 Dec

The blond looks and acts as if he were a corpse. Without the boredom of this good looking blond this could have made this a video great. The top doesn’t stick that fat dick in very far. No wonder the bottom is uninterested.

Play With Dicks

2 Dec

Hot skinny twinks on a couch. seemed awkward, not into each other much.

Eddie & Jimmy

25 Nov

EVERYTHING about the bottom is uber sexy and desirable, his face, his eyes, his expression, his hair, his bod, his butt and the thong from the rear. I loved the scene even though the bottoms dick stayed soft and floppy. I envied the dark haired top model. He got to get his rocks off.

Boys TBW

18 Nov

The younger teen sure knows how to suck cock…hmm, well the ice either turns you on, or wilts you. Hot boys, the very intimate close coupled fucking in the last half makes for hot watching.

Teen boys love video

18 Nov

Sweet, the younger boy is handsome, would enjoy his in bed fucking each other bareback…cute twink wake up scene. twinkie tushies being fucked are a turn on.

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