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Dirty Riders Dru and Martin

8 Jul

Starts in the shower, don’t know if it’s the shower spray or the hot sex steaming up the glass walls. lol. staying in the shower stall venue made some of the fucking a bit awkward. hot enough for a shower scene.

Gay teen shower sex

30 Jun

GREAT video i want to suck the bottom boy off

Eddie & Jimmy (Full)

30 Jun

EVERYTHING about the bottom is uber sexy and desirable, his face, his eyes, his expression, his hair, his bod, his butt and the thong from the rear. I loved the scene even though the bottoms dick stayed soft and floppy. I envied the dark haired top model. He got to get his rocks off.

Very Hot TBW

30 Jun

Very hot, the fucked boy has a sexy ass

Fire and Ice

30 Jun

Awesome boys!

In too deep

24 Jun

Dru and Xenos

Russian Gay Love

24 Jun

What a lovely ass to fuck!

Man and Boy

24 Jun

Good boy for Man

Double Time

24 Jun

Martin and Zuck