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Vintage Gay Porn 1972

26 Dec

Yeah, the time, when we was young, pretty and really obsessed with sex! Reminds me of when i was around 18/19 and me a a friend would experiment with one another when his mum went out to work… naughty, good times

Naked Twink Orgy Fun

8 Sep

love 70?n?80?s bodies. may be they are in the same age as current twinks but they seem like higher aged. needless to say what i opine about their dicks and cum, simply awesome. wanna flashback to those times, yeah.


Vintage 90’s Skater- bater

14 May

Vintage 90’s Twinks

6 May

Vintage Twink Hunks

7 Mar

Vintage small but cute

4 Apr

Both boys are really cute – best things really do come in small packages sometimes!

golden boys 6

26 Mar

Les Minets … Sauvages

8 Dec

Vintage hot boys

27 Nov