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Bareback Secrets

7 Feb

Bareback Secrets Part 1
So far this is a three part. With some of the hottest twink/stud bodies under the priests’ garb and bareback under the monks’ garb revealed in the scenes. Hot euro twink studs in hot sex.

Bareback Secrets Part 2
Super hot pairing, The redhead matches his red robes. great action and chemistry.

Bareback Secrets Part 3
Funny that the monk should express some horror at the pictures he finds on the computer and in the notebook. He has earrings and a stud in his tongue for pity’s sake. And it seems as the priest is well grounded taking upon himself the guidance of his friend the monk. Super hot stud/twinks. Hot action.

Euro boys fun

18 Jan

Cute top has a beautiful cock.

Mick Lovell & Rhys Jagger

18 Jan

Wow. typically gorgeous studs. Photographed on a beautiful deck outdoors. Closeups give you the feeling of succulent flesh intimately fucking.

Ariel Vanean, Colin Hewitt & Mick Lovell

18 Jan

Poooor tourist, If your feet hurt because you’re walking everywhere? your companions either can rub your feet? OR? distract you with really hot sex with your partners. I’m glad they present us with option two! Super hot studs. must have taken a shower before this scene because the feet are bare and very clean. not to mention all the other parts of their sexy bodies. Make sure you catch part 2 in the related vids below.

Part 2
Pure sexual pleasure to watch. Make sure you get/start with part 1.


18 Jan

Perfect boys, perfect fuck!

Redhead Twink being fucked by friend

16 Jan

OMG Alan, the twinkie flaming redhead is CUUUUUTE! I wanna initiate him into the porn industry. And he’s unshaved and red haired everywhere, in ALL the right places. Do you like watching red haired celtic twinks? with their pale freckly skin?

Gay porn wouldn’t exist without pizza

16 Jan

The song is HILARIOUS! Porn wouldn’t exist without SAUSAGE pizzas. lol. And delivery boys who deliver a pizza with full service EVERYTHING! Hurrah for GAY PIZZA. Oh, btw the twinkie actors are super cute, well matched, and the delivery boy was very cooperative and acceded quickly to the sex hungry ministrations of his customer/lovers. . Spicy scene!

Boy in blue

16 Jan

Boy in Blue, eh? Certainly eye catching and the short wrap, when tied by the belt? is just short enough to barely cover his beautiful bubble butt. And they found a perfectly matching crotch highlighting bikini brief. This is a really gentle love scene between twink lovers. Impressive cock, wide and long from the top. Super enjoyable if you like gentle fucking between lovers.

So nice fuck

8 Jan

A slim boy found a guy with a big juicy cock. Super blowjob and anal.