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The blonde dude is really hot

23 Apr

So you think your friend smells? But when you get closer the smell is really hot, studly, and sexy. These are super hot twinkie smooth clean cut student/athlete body types. The view gets more and more delicious as they strip down. You gotta love the enthusiasm and energy as they progress sucking ass eating and group fucking. Four very intimate cooperative friends keeping in contact with each other. This is one of the hottest, best choreographed group scenes ever.

Really cute boys

21 Apr

Yep, I would offer anything to get such a hot bottoming coach. super hot pairing. awkward dialog but it lead to great sex, so go, go, go. that is one beautiful bottom.

Beautiful belami boys

21 Apr

Don’t you think bottom boi would make an ideal sexual exercise buddy? What a stacked guy getting lotion rubbed on him. loved his torso. very friendly, very forward, great chemistry, hot sex/fucking

The biggest cocks at belami

21 Apr

The hot blond stud/twink comes downstairs and finds himself alone with super stud/hunk Joel. And OMG Sven gets to voice the rumors of Joel’s dick and sucks the flaccid member to verify it’s terrifyingly long and so fat that he can barely get his mouth around the head. And when Joel gets inflamed he takes a fucking interest in you. Joel is a very gentle and thorough lover. The film shots are outstanding: Sven’s blond peach fuzz ass, Joel’s swinging eggs. The bareback penetrations made me cum!

Gorgeous belami boys!

21 Apr

Light hearted horseplay in pool (wonderful side window for filming cocks and sucking underwater) and in the shower. Great chemistry between the two. Can you imagine what having the every horny Kevin would be like as a room mate?

Skinny dipping

6 Apr

The bottom boy is so hot

Three boys orgy

8 Mar


Black man rimming and bareback for white twink

27 Feb

Just the sex.

Next top cute boys

27 Feb

Two dreamboys