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Peer Pressure – Tyler Hill, Alex Killborn school

28 Jul

Neat! A Helix Academy school guy CONNECTS with a townie. Jerking and Fucking? is a really good alternative to smoking a cigarette. But then you have an irresistible urge to have a smoke afterward! lol. Tyler is hot but Alex is really hot in a bad boy sort of way. Would love to see more of him.

Gay Twinks Sex

23 Jul

A newbie in the belami house. Immediately going a thorough checkout by a current resident. Cutie pies, lascivious dialog. Shameless! I love it.

Ben Masters and Riley Finch

23 Jul

Super twink beautiful bodies. Nice personalities displayed during the interview. Great chemistry, super hot action, passion, high energy, and responsiveness. One of the twinkiest scenes/pairings ever from this studio. Great camera work.

Bastian fuck

23 Jul

This is my favorite Bastian Karim clip, because he is fucked like hell by a big cock, but not raped, like many of his clips. And he sucks, he is not always mouthfucked. The match is arch perfect: a tall, big cocked top and a petite cute bottom boy.

Daddy and twinks fucking hardcore

5 Jul

How is it that it’s always the littlest dude losing! But winning! What a pristine group of very pale white guys (especially the blond). Bottom blondie twink takes dad’s cock like a trouper. Dad at least finishes him off.

Blake Mitchell & Troy Accola

5 Jul

Getting reintroduced to Blake. post Helix. Interesting. This is a very fine sensuous scene between hot twink/studs.

Erick and Henrique

3 Jul

Lucky for him to sit on this thick cock!

Adam Archuleta, Andre Boleyn & Jerome Exupery

29 Jun

Lighthearted filming of a porn shoot. Backgrounder and actual scene. Super models. great action/interaction fucking by these beauties. This line has to be a lie! You can work, but you can’t enjoy it. Hell, no. it’s not just a job. it’s a pleasuuuuuuure! OMG the perfect pucker at 22:00! A cum dripping vision for your dreams, tonite. Jerome, Jerome, Jerome!

Betwixt Young Tourists

29 Jun

This is another really nice twink vid. Hot twinks especially like the blond.