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Hot Boys Buddies

14 Jan

Four scenes: the last three are very nice hot twink/stud wakeup scenes. I liked the second best, a loving wakeup scene. And then the last scene. It had both the hottest twinks and the hottest action.

Beach twinks make love outdoor

4 Jan

I love/hate this kind of rip-your-skin-apart unforgiving rocky seaside setting. Commend the hot lovers for giving us a sexy fuck in this outdoor scene. and I love the hot bods.

Straight virgin lad Ben barebacked in wild sex

4 Jan

Beautiful boys

Sweet & Raw – Nick Daniels, Robin Few, Pierre, Nick Gill & Martin Love

7 Dec

Hmmm, this vid could have been just as hot sticking with the original pair of hot twink/studs. When the rest of the crew arrived for the gang bang, the scene got very generic. hot twinks/studs, tho.

Helmut Huxley & Hoyt Kogan

7 Dec

Cute & fun scene

Fucking Awesome Boys

29 Nov

Imagine the Higgins studs teamed up with the Bel Ami boys! Hot twinks, hookup for sex instead of movies. Tender sex. Huge cumshots

Young Muscled Fucking

18 Nov

01:10 love the intimate shaping of the red and white stripes of the wrestler’s outfit how they are highlighting and fitting the form of the bottom’s buns. So in sex wrestling? when the top double taps? shift from wrestling to foreplay/sex! lol. The hunky stud really deserves body worshiping. Love the hot wrestler’s bodies shown and filmed to great advantage…

Ryker Madison (top) & Connor Maguire (bottom)

6 Nov

Wow, how lucky would you be to have connor as your housemate (your very own daddy stud) who wanted to spend time with YOU. Sex is wonderful and intimate, and loving. great pairing. hot.

Dru and Wilson

20 Oct

Hot twinks, but the lighting fixtures were obtrusive. somewhat tame.