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Male Spectrum – Straight Guys Take The Bait

21 Jan

Wow, pretty hot fucking for the first time. The pair came across wonderfully as fresh meat. hot scene.


16 Jan

FraternityX – FX105B – Sept 29, 2014

Four Speedo Twinks

9 Jan

Swimmer bods are the hottest bods in porn. great scenes of pure sex.

Big dick gay anal sex and facial

9 Jan

Hot twink/studs, interview. and get down to really intense sex. chemistry between them is good. dialogue during the fucking seems real. the top showered his load on the bottom. behind the scenes is just as hot as the main scene.

A hotel room, a couple and a rose

9 Jan

For me this is close to a daddy son/rentboy wake up scene in a hotel/motel room. The rose bearer wakes his super delectable boy toy up and they have a hot fucking scene.

Mike18 – Kim and Bolik

2 Jan

Love this cock hungry boy!

Finally Alone

26 Dec

Stunning video hot boys all around, sucking fucking cum eating all the good things in life.

Three boy in the lockers rooms

23 Dec

All three are hot, love that bottom staying hard while riding, and the grin on the other boy as he watches the third wanking…

Sexy emigrant slutboy gets fucked in pub toilet

2 Dec

Wow, great hookup when a hot twink/stud steps up next to you at a urinal. and starts nuzzling you, and you’re in the mood. strip and get hot. lock the bathroom door this pair really steams up the place. then the stud picks your pocket! lol…Nice fuck scene.