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Stag Candy – Russian Gay part.62

22 Jun

Twinks orgy on sofa

20 Jun

Two guys have sexy fun

9 Jun

Who is the BEAUTIFUL bottom boy? If I were his fan? he is too wonderfully sexily delicious as a bottom. Lithe curved body, reaching back to kiss Evan.

Angels and Demons

8 Jun

Actually part 2 of this movie. following a mugger, his mugging victim, he victim’s boy friend and other friends to the ultimate catching of the mugger and his “gang bang punishment” Whatever, the actors are all hot. stud/twinks. and the scenes are gorgeously filmed. don’t know if there’s going to be more.


Ben Huller fucks Denis Bering

3 Jun

Ben hullers bitch in this video has a perfect fuck

Super horny twinks – group sex

31 May

Wow, you know the inner group of friends is who got invited to the afterglow party, relaxing orgy. great math problem. how many ways can six go into six. I think this might be part of h3l1x vid lifeguards summer session? hot group

Amazing hot handsome boys

31 May

Sultry and hot as hell. Five, count’em 5 helix juicy twinks…Cute boys, Joey Mills, Blake Mitchell, Sean Ford, Wes Campbell… slowly kissing and sucking ’till 13:30 and then”I want to fuck you”. Dicks in ass in ass in ass in ass in ass. a heaving 5 twink train. Unbelievably hot!

Spanish boy whit the big cock HD

18 May

These are two delightful blond twinks in hot intense action outdoors under a patio roof on a mattress. great euro style bodies showed off by the camera man in constant action with hot chemistry.

Love cute twinks

18 May

Some great pov closeups! cute twinks. the gopro didn’t work very effectivley. interesting