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Jake Olsen & Casper Ivarsson

28 Feb

Exotic euro accents/twinks. It’s great when it’s your good friend catching you wanking and looking at porn. Good sex seems to flow naturally. hot scene between two friends with chemistry. hot scene. Uploader (follow link) gives us five scenes featuring Jake.

Gabe and Richard

28 Feb

Gorgeous blond fresh meat disembarks from bus. Gabe goes after him. Unfortunately we don’t see how the connection was made, only the happy pair fucking in Gabe’s apartment. The pairing is exceptional. Blond is smooth and gorgeous. The action has a LOT of heavy breathing! lol. me, too. … a lot of heavy breathing, that is. Copious cum shot looks sexy in the blond’s hair.

Jake Olsen & Antony Carter

28 Feb

That long haired guy has a nice hairy ass! Nice pairing of tall lanky twinks. foreplay in the foyer, slithery fucking in the tub.

Love between Nerds

28 Feb

Really pleased that Blake is moving on from helix to another super studio. And this interview is really nice and shows personalities. Great seeing boyfriend sex. Leo is cute as a button. Lovely apartment setting. Leisurely loving love scene. Just because they wear glasses makes them nerds? No, just because they have great bodies and love makes them stars. Love their communication with each other.

Stepfather ate me

28 Feb

Daddy comes up with and excuse to give raccoon boy son his first experience.

Mastering the boy

28 Feb

Poor baby! I wanna volunteer to help chase his winter blahs away. Bottom dude has a really fine long lanky body great torso and pecs (what’s his name?). And the fucking top cutie pie cure for his sexual needs (Sean Ford)? is super beautiful and very sensuous. very good scene.

Visiting the Chief

27 Feb

Horny little devil. Super hot daddy son.


27 Feb

The bottomboy twink is super cute. but the vid is very amateurish.

Gabe Isaac & Friend.2

22 Feb

Super cute twinkie friends in the bedroom. Gabe, with the huge fat cock takes first honors topping his friend. But then I loved the flip flop indicating that they great friends (lots of kissing, too). You could imagine the pair as brothers (with bunk beds) or college room mates? Glad they spread out on the floor, easier for us to see and enjoy (versus their snuggling up in the bottom bunk). Gabe’s partner is Alan Davis.