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Jake Olsen & Casper Ivarsson

28 Feb

Exotic euro accents/twinks. It’s great when it’s your good friend catching you wanking and looking at porn. Good sex seems to flow naturally. hot scene between two friends with chemistry. hot scene. Uploader (follow link) gives us five scenes featuring Jake.

Jake Olsen & Alan Caine

20 Feb

Jake makes a connection with a hot twink. And as soon as he gets to the twink’s apartment. he becomes the immediate partner for the horny partner’s sex. The brunette is super tall and slim and hoooot. but? a bit passive.

Teens fuck bareback

7 Feb

Just the sex. but the twinks are uber cute. and has good chemistry and fucking. The beautiful face at 16:07 would melt your heart.

Beautiful Teen Twink is waiting for his super hot Top

18 Jan

Really great twinks!

Euro boys fun

18 Jan

Cute top has a beautiful cock.

Hot gay twinks couple

18 Jan

Very nice intense fucking between two hot twinks. too bad they didn’t make more use of the the leather harness.

Dru and Martin

18 Jan

There is no better blowjob/cock show than this one. The way Martin sucks and shows off Dru’s cock is not just acting; they are really into it. Dru always gets a long blowjob to get his cock lots of exposure, and Martin does that best. What a cock that is!

The personal trainer

8 Jan

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Kyle. He’s cuter and hotter than ever. I’m a sucker for that long blond forelock. And OMG Luke, the trainer is perfect! not over muscled or overpowering. and he offers the perfect incentive/motivation for Kyle’s participation. when he finally strips at 10:00? Instant cream! Kyle finds an instant fulfillment of his bottom boy dreams. the final post coital vision? two BEAUTIFUL bodies side by side. (no tattoos make for natural beauty). Kyle sure is in bottom boy ecstasy throughout his being fucked. His on-going vocalizations, cries of passion and encouraging moans and “dude”s provide incentive for Luke to hammer Kyle’s ass continually without pausing. Luke is a super wondrous top, sure does have staying power. .and, of course, that perfectly muscled/stacked body.

Twinks threesome poolside

25 Nov

The newest twink takes the initiative and starts a three way in the pool whirlpool. Super twinkie bodies. He makes a great bottom for the boyfriends. Anybody know the studio and or twink names?