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Young twinks doing DP

7 Aug

Fucking hot, especially the double anale penetration

Hot threesome orgy

1 Aug

Yep, two boys wanking independently is a shame. The dorm monitor (a priest? a brother?) provides the cover/authority to get the boys together and also gets to participate in the action. hot young lads.


19 Jul

Older brother and hot friend waylay the vulnerable (they swiped his towels! lol) hot and cute younger brother coming out of the shower. The older pair pressures the boy into bottoming for both of them. The younger brother didn’t get to cum. but he seemed to succumb to at least like the cocks and fucking of the older pair. Rape? or not?

Three handsome boys…have sex

19 Jul

Two rivals (blue versus red wrestlers’ bottomless outfits) compete and cooperate in sending the middle twink to the moon. Competition for who gets to suck more. the twinkie bottom is LOVING IT! All three handsome hot twinks are really into each other and really continuously and enthusiastically in hot action. After a while you don’t care who does what to whom. Just glory in three such beautiful enthusiastic boys fucking joyously.

Teen boys threesome

7 Jul

Three loving friends. Two of them seem to be lovers and they get stimulated by and make love to the beautiful bottom boy toy. The brightly lit white wash scene enhances the very creamy whiteness of their skins. Lovely enjoyable scene.

3 some in family

14 Jun

A family that fucks together stays together. I wanted to see more combinations and permutations. Older son has really impressive cock.

Two boys and dad for fun

12 Jun

I have fun doing alternative interpretations of this scene. Dr. Wolf conducting twinkie couples therapy? Dr. Wolf recruiting Jonathan for his harem of boys? Dr. Wolf helping Jonathan come out? Austin the demonstration bottom boy toy? or @Salvador’s Dr. Wolf’s fantasy. I like the train connection at 24:09.

Cute twink & two daddy

12 Jun

Amazing guys

He was 18 years old … And he won a lot of roll in the tail

20 May

Bottom of my dreams!