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Flex For Your Old Man

22 Aug

Daddy Lance, compares older brother Zane with younger brother Logan. and, of course, Logan always loses and gets to bottom. fortunately he seems to LOVE it. And he’s really good at bottoming. Probably will learn to be a super power bottom. This scene is the longest version of this scene on site, so far.

Boy twink fucked by daddy

7 Aug

He is a horny little devil. Going from an intimate exam in Dr. Wolf’s office to a super sexy practice session in Dr. Wolf’s bed. No more problems with a tight anus, accommodating Dr. Wolf’s huge cock quite gratefully. wonder if each of his twinkie patients gets their own personal big ass teddy bear. or does Dr. Wolf recycle? lol. this scene has a very hot handsome twink being gently yet thoroughly and intensely fucked by the big dick doctor.

Dad and twinks orgy

1 Aug

Two teacher/priest “failing” student scenes: First scene: Well the twink student is no athlete. The gym teacher/coach giving him the test has to either flunk him or fuck him. The student can’t ride the pommel horse but can do a good job of riding the teacher’s cock. Second scene: a student in detention dares to take care of his horniness. and the father fulfills the student’s needs. Very hot and handsome student.

Daddy bareback cute boy

1 Aug

Looks like a gorgeous kept house boy reporting to sugar daddy for daily dose of loving and cock. Seems to be a good relationship, the boy is hungry for daddy, all of daddy’s parts cock and fucking, all of daddy’s favorite fucking positions. Daddy has an agonizing exhausting breeding cum, and we see a nice cream pie. The only disappointment? The boy deserved to get his nut off, too. Take note, this is a current year production.

Dad’s monster cock

19 Jul

A most beautiful video.

Bareback dad and twink

15 Jul

Yep, a hot scene Austin and his daddy, Alex get to pay double the price for Austin’s transgressions. Thanks for the upload. We should SAVor this while we can. It didn’t stay on site very long, last time.

Daddy & legal age teenager Slutboi bareback

14 Jun

The boy, Rourke, is a black hole, potentially sucking every cock in the universe into his welcoming hole. And when daddy Zilv takes him up on his invitation? he finds there’s no such thing as take backs! lol. OMG we get to see a lot of his cute bubble butt buns. He has a gorgeous face, too. And he says the hottest, cutest, most inviting, provocative things. Look for other vids on site featuring this pairing. When you see them both naked? they are both gorgeous.

Joel as a daddy

12 Jun

Love the Daddy. Wish I could lick and taste that hairy daddy ass and have him fuck me and seed me.

Two boys and dad for fun

12 Jun

I have fun doing alternative interpretations of this scene. Dr. Wolf conducting twinkie couples therapy? Dr. Wolf recruiting Jonathan for his harem of boys? Dr. Wolf helping Jonathan come out? Austin the demonstration bottom boy toy? or @Salvador’s Dr. Wolf’s fantasy. I like the train connection at 24:09.