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Such a hot threesome

26 Dec

OMG look at the pale speedo crotch of the otherwise very tanned birthday “gift” It focuses attention on the cock rising out of his crotch. This is a very intimate closely filmed scene. especially the double penetration portion. The enjoyment is enhanced by the bareback fucking of all the actors. I dunno, but if you’re a dedicated bottom. you got more FUN out of the action than the birthday boy. Now this is what I call a really special video. All three twinks are handsome and ready for fun … there’s nothing better than young guys sharing everything – cocksucking, kissing, raw fucking, ass to mouth, cum eating – you name it! I rate this a perfect 10

Bareback twinks hot

26 Dec

What A hard fuck

Boys swim team

26 Dec

Beautiful boys full of cum! The boys are beyond hot. I’d love for them to spitroast me, as they’re kissing. I thought that swim teams had, like, 10 people. beautiful boys full of cum!

Kinky Dicks

6 Dec

That is a huge cock, it takes two hands. and huge cum load. tame scene but worth it for watching the cock fuck…it is Caleb Moreton (big dick)… the bottom boy is so hot. great sucking and fucking

Kinky Angels – Kevin Warhol & Andy McAllister

26 Nov

I was thinking they could be brothers. Both so beautiful

From AlexBoys

26 Nov

Certainly not much cum, for two guys so young. They must jerk off several times a day, to have that small amount.

CH video 86

23 Nov

Czech gay couple

17 Nov

That was fun – sex with humour and very hot – great vid – one of the best

Andre Lucas

17 Nov

Cute twink with a nice cock