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Lars Norgaard and Adam Archuleta and Hoyt Kogan

23 Aug

Belami photographer finds a lone and lonely stud, horny and jacking off outdoors. He invites him into the studio rented house to film a wank session. But all the rooms are occupied. No matter, we find a room where two beauties are occupied with each other and welcome our lonely stud into a SUPER hot three way. Lovely scene.


19 Jul

Older brother and hot friend waylay the vulnerable (they swiped his towels! lol) hot and cute younger brother coming out of the shower. The older pair pressures the boy into bottoming for both of them. The younger brother didn’t get to cum. but he seemed to succumb to at least like the cocks and fucking of the older pair. Rape? or not?

Three handsome boys…have sex

19 Jul

Two rivals (blue versus red wrestlers’ bottomless outfits) compete and cooperate in sending the middle twink to the moon. Competition for who gets to suck more. the twinkie bottom is LOVING IT! All three handsome hot twinks are really into each other and really continuously and enthusiastically in hot action. After a while you don’t care who does what to whom. Just glory in three such beautiful enthusiastic boys fucking joyously.

Hot threesome boys

15 May

All these twinks are hot, but blondie is a treat. Then truth or dare turns into naked passionate wanting to fulfill long felt sexual desires. Very hot fucking, very cooperative.

Fuzzy balls and hairy bush

3 May

Pip, the cute twink-bottom, is then eaten-out before being fucked by the 3 tops. Pip is very eager to please his tops (e.g: he stays super-focused sucking cock while another big cock is fucking his hole). 1 shoots his load in the Pip’s ass, then the other two discharge their creamy cumshots straight into his mouth. Yep, pushing your dick in between melon buns is a lot more sensual than a hole in a watermelon (never make the right size).. Hot twink studs. hot studio.

Twink orgy in class

27 Apr

Nice school boy twinks

The blonde dude is really hot

23 Apr

So you think your friend smells? But when you get closer the smell is really hot, studly, and sexy. These are super hot twinkie smooth clean cut student/athlete body types. The view gets more and more delicious as they strip down. You gotta love the enthusiasm and energy as they progress sucking ass eating and group fucking. Four very intimate cooperative friends keeping in contact with each other. This is one of the hottest, best choreographed group scenes ever.

White twink take two black guys

23 Apr

OMG who is/are the boy toy(s) here? Our super cute white twinkie is recruiting two super hot black twink/studs for a hot fucking session. This pair is very cooperative/responsive to everything their new friend wants to do. Love the super cock on the curly haired fucker. This is the ultimate fantasy for the white boi. Being in total control. Getting to ride and kiss and suck two black lovers at will. Getting them to fuck you. Great beach outdoor setting.

Latino twinks in threesome

6 Apr

Really cute BB trio