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Daddy bareback cute boy

1 Aug

Looks like a gorgeous kept house boy reporting to sugar daddy for daily dose of loving and cock. Seems to be a good relationship, the boy is hungry for daddy, all of daddy’s parts cock and fucking, all of daddy’s favorite fucking positions. Daddy has an agonizing exhausting breeding cum, and we see a nice cream pie. The only disappointment? The boy deserved to get his nut off, too. Take note, this is a current year production.


19 Jul

Older brother and hot friend waylay the vulnerable (they swiped his towels! lol) hot and cute younger brother coming out of the shower. The older pair pressures the boy into bottoming for both of them. The younger brother didn’t get to cum. but he seemed to succumb to at least like the cocks and fucking of the older pair. Rape? or not?

At 23 eating tremendous cock

19 Jul

Neat! starts with really hard big hot shaved cock being sucked. The reveal shows to hot white skinned jocks. the star of this vid is the super cleancut sucker/bottom boi. I just want be this lucky bottom and get fucked by this big dick and eat his cum…

Dane from CF studios

19 Jul

Rim jobs and fucking through the rear of sexy jock strap is super hot. especially when the stud/twinks are as hot and responsive as this pairing. The bottom boi seems to be heaven. fuck me harder! and getting rabbit fucked. lovely blonds.

Hot pairing, clean cut (no tats) studs. good chemistry and cooperation.

Love this blondie bottom. Hot, beautiful and cock hungry.

Hot twink and muscle man

7 Jul

Stunningly handsome boys

Teh boy teach the twink

5 Jul

I love watching nerdy boys get their asses plowed! Fucking hot. Screw the books dude, take a cock up the ass for a good hour.

A Rose In The Window – Alam Wernik y Adam Archuleta

5 Jul

Hmmm. this would be an interesting series to watch. where would we subscribe? OK. back to the scene. Some dude is either a P.I. or a stalker or a jilted lover following the gorgeous blond, Alam hookup with a super hot partner. very free and photographable through their apartment window. The sex between the two is wondrous to watch.

Daddy and his great boy

12 Jun

Grandpa is in great shape.and hot. The young man is lucky to have a trusted and trusting supportive family member to go to. The loving clinch turns into really hot loving sex. The twink is really sensuous and wanting to express himself and comes out to and bottoms for a very supportive granpa. Great scene.

Hot fucking gay boys

5 Jun

Elder rim in the missionary bathroom. no shower curtains, probably water spraying all over the place. fellow missionary plays the who is bigger game and the scene progresses from there. Finally they get naked, divesting themselves of the AWFUL missionary underwear and finally the scene gets hotter. This is a new kind of scene for the mormon boys series/studio. glad to see some different story lines.