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Dick Casey & Jason Mike

8 Mar

Hot clean cut stud/twinks in gorgeous outdoor setting. I guess the hats make them country/cowboy types. this is the sexual picnic from heaven.

Black man rimming and bareback for white twink

27 Feb

Just the sex.

Next top cute boys

27 Feb

Two dreamboys

Ayden Troy & Brody Lasko

27 Feb

Everyday looking twink/studs. better than average for bsb.

Black boy super big dick for one boy white

27 Feb

That bottom takes that BBC effortlessly like a real man!

Helmut & Hoyt

5 Feb

Gorgeous models, super sex great chemistry and action, fun bubbly personalities, hot setting, great camera work. This looks like a belami class production. Is this an offshoot of this studio freshmen!

The battle to the top

5 Feb

When your sexy hot studly friend promises you something like you getting laid? you wanna COLLECT! especially if you want to get warmer faster. These two are beautiful together. And the friend seems to love being one hot juicy pillowy bottom. And the scene gets more and more passionate and urgent as the fucking goes on! lovely.

The guy gets cock sucked well

5 Feb

Perfect boys!

The guys gets his cock sucked well

14 Jan

Fucking beautiful