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Sexy twink pounded raw

16 Jan

Really? Really! We’re going to be late. We’re always late. …. Five minutes!? You gotta be kidding me. I WILL take a LOT more time with your scrumptious body. I will keep fucking until you don’t care how late you’re gonna be. So much for the party! Fuck it! lol. nice scene.

Redhead Twink being fucked by friend

16 Jan

OMG Alan, the twinkie flaming redhead is CUUUUUTE! I wanna initiate him into the porn industry. And he’s unshaved and red haired everywhere, in ALL the right places. Do you like watching red haired celtic twinks? with their pale freckly skin?

Hot fuck of newbie

16 Jan

Super hot pairing of twinks making love in what looks like the b0yfun apartment? The twinks are certainly typically beautiful, smooth and soft. I especially love the handsome faced bottom.

A Christmas Fantasy

16 Jan

The twinks kind of gang up on Blake. But his maybe 8 inches is not enough to share all at once so they start to work on each other. And with 8 cute twinks in the main room of the cabin/chalet. There is room for a lot of pairs and groupings. that’s life as part of one of the studios. Gimme sum! Camera focuses on various pairs and enjoy the vocalizations and the dialog we overhear.

Five aren’t too much

16 Jan

Super cute pack of twinkie puppies frolicking.The puppy pile starts about 10:21. The rest of the scene is full of writhing, sucking, thrusting and fucking. Don’t even try to keep track of the changing pairings and versatility. Just enjoy!

Biggest bare euro group

8 Jan

OMFG a fucking explosion of belami models! Have some fun. Freeze the scene at 00:30 and count the number of studs! Have you ever seen this huge of a cast in a short vid before? Have some more fun! Instead of playing Where’s Waldo? Play instead Where’s Warhol! lol. and anybody else you recognize? And at the end? Jack and Kevin! love them. Appreciate and enjoy! You get the impression that this studio has a certain TYPE? of model they go for?

Juicy Jace Trevor Harris

2 Jan

Long lanky clean cut sexy twinks I love the top, especially handsome. Low key scene but enjoyable. fantastic cum shots.

The dancer and the swimmer

2 Jan

The dancer is graceful and elegant. The swimmer is just raw raw sexy HOT!. Beautiful taut well defined musculature. and slowly gently escalating foreplay to intense loving fucking. The boys would also be outstanding in a flip fuck. Helluva pairing.

My sugar daddy fuck me

2 Jan

Half naked (the sexy bottom half at that!) is cuddled up to sugar daddy. The boy is ready and cooperative to please his daddy and bring him off. I like it when daddy allows his son to cum, too. Nice pairing.