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Dad and boy threesome

6 May

Ooooh, is Austin the trick or the treat? for the home owner? Foxy foxy Austin gets sausage and sweet cum for his last Halloween collection. Boy oh boy, at 1:00 Austin’s face is sooooo cute, heart melting. love this scene.

Boy and Dad sex

1 Mar

What a laugher! Daddy whacks are more caresses than punishment! I didn’t even detect any pink or red on the cutie buns. And when the son strips down? beeeyoutiful pale white smoothie bod. From the dialog this doesn’t seem to be the first time for this type of punishment. the son cumming and expelling the cream pie are hot. What’s really unbelievable?

Daddy massage and bareback a twink

1 Mar

Massage-wise daddy seems to know what he’s doing to loosen muscles. His son has a fresh innocent face, and the gradual reveal shows a very smooth hot bod. Then daddy catches on. Sonny wants to be intimately touched by daddy. more and more reveal, more and more sexy touching by daddy. Glute muscles are fun to fill your hands with. Holes are fun to fill with your fingers, tongue, and your cock. Can’t believe how long it took daddy to get stripping and to fucking. Fine scene.

The college for divine males

1 Mar

Elder Xanders and Brother Calhoun the ward mission leader. Brother Calhoun once raped by one of the bishops turns obsessed with elder xanders. Long scene. Watching Austin Lock get fucked? Super hot!

Anal Delight

27 Feb

This is really hot. Having Kyler Moss being fucked by a real hunk of a man (instead of the usual run of twink partners).

Straight virgin lad Ben barebacked in wild sex

4 Jan

Beautiful boys

I am Not Gay

28 Dec


Father loves son

18 Nov

One hot dad. Good to see that he keeps his cum in the family.

Mike18 fuck Alex mature

8 Oct

BUT the son is a perfect boy toy body. hot daddy loving cooperative son